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The compensation of capacitor installation environment and technical requirements

by:SMiLer     2021-01-15
Compensation capacitor installation environment 1) Capacitors should be installed in corrosive gas, steam, no violent vibration and impact, explosive, flammable and dangerous places. Capacitor fire rating not less than 2. 2) Installed in the outdoor condenser should prevent sun direct illuminate. 3) Environment temperature of the condenser chamber shall meet the requirements of the manufacturer, the general rules for 40 ℃. 4) Capacitor room installed the ventilator, the outlet should be installed on the upper end of capacitor Banks. Inlet and exhaust made installation in diagonal position. 5) Capacitor room can use natural lighting, also can use artificial lighting, do not need to be installed heating device. 6) High voltage capacitor room door should open outward. The installation of compensation capacitors technical requirements 1) In order to save the installation area, high voltage capacitor can be layered to install on the hob, but vertically layer should be not more than three layers, shall not be installed between layer and layer partition between horizontal layers, to ensure good heat dissipation. , middle and under layer capacitor installation position should agree, brand-name outward. 2) Installation of high voltage capacitor iron stand in a line or two rows of decorate, patrol inspection shall be maintained between row and row aisle, aisle width should be no less than 1. 5m. 3) High voltage capacitor Banks hob must barbed wire fences, block of the mesh should be 3 ~ 4 cm2. 4) The distance between the high voltage capacitor shell, generally should not be less than 10 cm; The distance between the low voltage capacitor shell should be not less than 50 mm. 5) The net distance between high voltage capacitor indoor, the lower level should not be less than zero. 2米; Below the bottom of the condenser and the distance of the ground shall be not less than 0. 3m。 6) Each capacitor are connected to the busbar connection should use a separate cord, do not use hard busbar connection mode, so as not to install or run in the process of stress caused by leakage or damage on porcelain bushing. 7) When installation, electrical circuit and grounding part of the contact surface to be good. Because the capacitor circuit of any bad contact, are likely to produce high-frequency oscillation arc, capacitor work increased the intensity of electric field and heat damage. 8) Low voltage grade after series of capacitor network running on high voltage grade, between the Taiwan the shell of the earth, should by adding the equivalent of running voltage grade insulator, reliable insulation. 9) Capacitor after star connection, rated voltage for high level, and the neutral point grounding, capacitor insulation shell to deal with. 10) Prior to installation, to assign a capacitor, capacitance and white balance, deviation is less than 5% of the total capacity. When installed with relay protection device should also meet the runtime balance current error is not more than the requirements of relay protection action current. 11) For individual compensation capacitor's wiring should be: to start or directly by the rheostat starting of induction motor, it can improve the power factor of the capacitance is directly connected to the outlet terminals of the motor, don't switch installed or fuse between; Adopting the star - Delta starter start induction motor, had better use three single-phase capacitor, each capacitor in parallel at each phase winding directly on the two terminals of the connection of the capacitor is always consistent and winding method. 12) Low voltage capacitor compensation for the group, the connection should be on the outer edge of the low pressure group bus power switch, in order to prevent the grouping bus bar, the switch is off since the excitation of the phenomenon. 13) Concentrated compensation of low voltage capacitor Banks, we should set up the switch is installed on the outer edge of the line switch, rather than in a low voltage on the bus.
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