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The classification of ceramic capacitor _ porcelain capacitor use

by:SMiLer     2021-02-14
Ceramic capacitor is also called the ceramic capacitor, it with ceramic as medium, coated metal film ( General for the silver) Through high heat sintering to form a electrode and the electrode lead wire, welding on exterior coating to protect the enamel, or with epoxy resin and phenolic resin coating, becomes a ceramic capacitor. The classification of ceramic capacitor according to the dielectric materials can be divided into: high capacitor dielectric constant and low dielectric constant capacitor; According to the working frequency can be divided into: high frequency porcelain capacitor and low-frequency ceramic capacitor; According to the working voltage can be divided into: high-voltage ceramic capacitor and low-voltage ceramic capacitor. According to the shape of structure can be divided into: wafer form, tubular, wear heart type, cylindrical and fold type. Ceramic dielectric material ceramic capacitor type I: general is less than 100 of its dielectric constant, electric performance is stable, basically does not change with temperature, voltage, time and change, is a super stable, low loss of capacitor dielectric materials, commonly used in stability and high reliability requirements of high frequency, the occasion of uhf and VHF. Ⅱ type ceramic capacitor: its dielectric constant generally greater than 1000, electric performance is stable, suitable for blocking, coupling, bypass and filter circuit, and the reliability requirements of high middle and low frequency. Ⅲ type ceramic capacitor: it has the very high dielectric constant, are widely used in the stability and loss of capacity is not high. Ceramic capacitor use class 1: temperature coefficient is small, suitable for tuning circuit and the need to compensate compensate circuit. 2 classes: high dielectric constant, is suitable for the bypass, coupling, dc insulation and filter circuit. Three categories: large capacity, small size, low voltage. Used for filtering, by-pass, coupling circuit.
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