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_ the characteristics of low voltage capacitor low-voltage capacitor parameters

by:SMiLer     2021-03-04
Low voltage capacitor is usually refers to the rated voltage between 400 v ~ 6 kv power capacitor. Low voltage capacitor role is to improve the power factor and reduce the cost of electricity, and can reduce load of the equipment, increase its service life, reduce the line loss between the power supply end to the end. The related parameters in the low voltage capacitor environmental temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃, humidity is 85% or less, at an altitude of 2000 meters; Rated voltage: 230 v, 400 vac, 450 vac, 525 vac, 690 vac, 750 vac, 1050 vac. Nominal capacity: 1 ~ 80 kvar; Capacity of tolerance: 0 ~ + 15%; Loss tangent value: under the rated power-frequency voltage up to 20 ℃ when tg delta 0 or less. 1%; Resistance to voltage, electrode 2. 15 times rated voltage for 2 seconds, 3 kvac between polar shell to 10 seconds; Insulation: 500 VDC between a shell, a minute, 100 m Ω R p; The maximum allowable overvoltage: 1. 10 times rated voltage; The maximum allowable overcurrent: 1. 30 times the rated current; Self-discharge features: power capacitor after 3 minutes, the residual voltage from the Un to 75 v or less; Standard: GB12747. 1 - 2004年,IEC60831。 1 - 1996. Low voltage capacitor characteristics of small volume, light weight using the new material as medium, volume, weight for only a quarter and 1/5 of the old ones; Low dissipation actual value less than 0. 1%, so the capacitor's own low energy consumption, less heat, low temperature rise, long working life, have better energy saving effect. Excellent self-healing property overvoltage caused by local breakdown of medium can heal quickly, resume normal work, make the reliability greatly improved; Security built-in self-discharge resistance and safety device, the use of safe and reliable; Don't spill high-quality impregnant normal temperature is solid, drop melting point higher than 70 ℃, in use do not leak, prevent environmental pollution
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