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The cause of the problem and solving method of shunt capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-02-24
1, the parallel capacitor (analysis of the causes of the failure diagnosis and 1) Oil leakage. Parallel capacitor leakage oil is a common phenomenon, is mainly due to poor product quality, improper operation maintenance, repair and long-term operation cause the skin caused by rust corrosion. ( 2) Capacitor shell expansion. By electric fields of a pit, the internal insulation free, capacitors decomposition gas or part component breakdown, foreign code discharge electrode, makes the containment shell of internal pressure and lead to deformation of the shell expansion. ( 3) The condenser temperature is too high. The main reason is that capacitance along the overcurrent and poor ventilation condition. Capacitance along the outdoor tuning meter, for example, unreasonable cause poor ventilation; Capacitor run over voltage for a long time cause the capacitor current; Rectification device of high order harmonic through the capacitor current, etc. In addition, the capacitor internal component failure, medium aging, dielectric loss, dielectric loss Angle of sine value increases could lead to a condenser temperature rise too high. High temperature will affect the life of the capacitor, capacitor may also cause insulation breakdown capacitance along the short circuit. ( 4) Capacitor porcelain surface flashover discharge. The reason for this is that porcelain insulation defects, surface dirt. ( 5) Abnormal sound. If you run in, found a discharge or other abnormal sound that there are fault bravery inside the capacitor. ( 6) Capacitor blasting. Where fierce occurred or insulation breakdown of enclosure, and the other parallel capacitor will release a lot of energy of the capacitor, which can lead to capacitor blasting and cause a fire. 2, the faults that parallel capacitor ( 1) Capacitor shell permeability, oil is not serious, can be in the shell permeability derusting, welding, painting, leakage. ( 2) Outside the electric radiant code expansion should be replaced. ( 3) Such as room temperature is too high, should improve ventilation; Such as capacitance caused by other suitable temperature is too high, you should find out the reason for processing; If it is the capacitor itself is great proficiency in capacitor. ( 4) Capacitors should be periodic inspection, cleaning. ( 5) If the capacitance along with abnormal sound observation should be paid attention to. Serious when, should immediately stop its operation, and be replaced. ( 6) Blow-up capacitor and should be replaced in a timely manner.
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