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The cause of the low voltage capacitor explosion

by:SMiLer     2021-03-03
The cause of the low voltage capacitor explosion low voltage capacitor frequent explosion and the capacitor itself actually has a lot to do, such as internal component breakdown when running capacitor, this is mainly caused by poor workmanship and another is capacitor drum belly oil leakage, high temperature, over voltage, over current, etc. , if cannot be handled in a timely manner is also easy to cause explosion. Before there are a lot of customers in the phenomenon of low voltage capacitor explosion reaction, even some capacitor Banks put three explosion accident occurred in two months, just a capacitor explosion may has no effect on us, if cause an accident or cause fire in the large area, the impact on the us. So how to blast? Cook cooper low voltage capacitors have been using dry type design, gas protection, not drum belly and leak, over-voltage protection device design, over-voltage over-current protection, double this also can be one of the main reasons for explosion-proof. Select safe explosion-proof electric power capacitor is the most important thing! The cause of the low voltage capacitor compensation capacitor explosion in the cupboard (1) when the power capacitor over voltage, over current, under the high temperature environment for a long time running, capacitor dielectric ageing and generate a large amount of gas, make power capacitor internal pressure increases. When the maximum value under pressure is greater than a capacitor, capacitor will be an explosion. (2) using a contactor for power capacitor, need to fully discharge to input again, otherwise the residual voltage and the voltage on the capacitor opposite polarity, will also lead to explosive power capacitor. The treatment of power capacitor explosion when the capacitor after the explosion, we should timely exit capacitors have been damaged, and the change of power capacitor. When change the power capacitor, cook cooper is recommended to use explosion-proof electric power capacitor. Explosion-proof electric power capacitor at the terminal increased the air holes, can keep the balance of capacitor inside and outside pressure, condenser won't because of internal stress, burst or capacitor drum belly.
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