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The capacitor quality judgment

by:SMiLer     2021-01-29
1 capacitor quality judgment. Insulation resistance testing insulation resistance testing generally have the following several ways: ( 1) Multimeter method this method is suitable for non-polar capacitor insulation resistance measurements. Will be measured with a multimeter electric block in the 10 k Ω block, two pens and two pins of capacitor, respectively, as shown in figure 4 7. For general small capacitance of the capacitor, the measured resistance value shall be the infinite or close to infinity; For larger capacity of the capacitor, multimeter pointer will swing clockwise along the first, and then quickly point to infinity. If the measured resistance value is less than 1 m Ω, capacitor leakage serious or medium damage phenomenon, capacitor cannot be used. Testing note don't capacitor two fuses with your hands, otherwise the body resistance will affect the result of the test. ( 2) Method by megger megohmmeter and shaking table, use it to measure the insulation resistance of the capacitor, can measure the insulation resistance of a more accurate. But should pay attention to, the maximum output voltage of the dc generator by megger 500 v dc voltage, if the condenser pressure is lower than the voltage to be measured, the capacitor will breakdown. ( 3) Headphones method this method is only suitable for large capacitance of capacitor insulation resistance of judgment, can use a headset and section 1. 5 v dry cell of simple test circuit, as shown in figure 4 8. Test, when the headphones into the capacitor is intermittent, the battery to charge, ears' raise price noise from the opportunity. If you touch a few times more, the capacitor is charged is xin less than 'raise price' sound, capacitor leakage current is very small, normal insulation resistance. If every encounter, headphones are uttered a loud 'raise price, large capacitor leakage, insulation resistance is not normal. If encounter for the first time there is no noise, and has no sound, that capacitor circuit, cannot use. 2 test capacitance measuring capacitance general application capacitance bridge, so we can get accurate capacitance. In the absence of special instrument, you can use a multimeter high block estimates of electric capacity of capacitor, but it is only applicable to the large capacity of capacitor measurement. Here introduce the multimeter testing method of capacitance electrolytic capacitor. Will first multimeter ohm block in a location R x 1 k, zheng pens and sub zero. The multimeter black pens and receive the electrolytic capacitor anode, red pens and electrolytic capacitor anode, as shown in figure 4 9. Because the original capacitor is not charging, when two pens and just switching capacitor, the battery to charge through pens and inside the multimeter, due to the current through the circuit, whose hands deflect the multimeter. The greater the capacitance is Polaris, the greater the deflection Angle of the clock, if small capacitance, whose hands the deflection Angle of detection is smaller. According to this principle and practical experience of the detection are given different capacitance whose hands deflection corresponding to the location should be arrived, determine the size of the capacitor capacitance measurement. Whose hands deflection position and the relationship between the capacitance in table 4 13, reference for detection. Along with the increase in amount of capacitor charging, the charging current is more and more small. If the capacitor leakage, after a period of time, when the voltage is equal to the battery voltage on the capacitor charging current will be reduced to zero, whose hands will slowly from the initial deflection position of multimeter to return to the resistance of infinity position ( The starting location) 。 In fact there is always a leakage current electrolytic capacitor, the clock can't return to the starting position, it is generally believed as long as the clock back to over 200 scale even if leakage current is very small, capacitor can be used. After the test, the capacitor should be two pin nipple discharge processing, for to inspection shall not be affected.
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