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The basic characteristic of the capacitor with ten capacitance the advantages and disadvantages of revelation

by:SMiLer     2022-01-09
Capacitor is electronic equipment that is commonly used in electronic components, all aspects of our lives are inseparable from electronic products related to the capacitance, everywhere can see the figure of capacitance. The main characteristic parameters of the nominal capacitance capacitor and allowable deviation of nominal capacitance is marked on the capacitor capacitance. Actual capacitance of capacitor and the deviation of nominal capacitance error, the allowable deviation range according to accuracy. Precision grade and allowed error corresponding relationship: 00 ( 01) - ± 1% and 0 ( 02) - ± 2%、Ⅰ- ± 5%、Ⅱ- ± 10%、Ⅲ- ± 20%、Ⅳ- ( + 20% - 10%) , Ⅴ - ( + 50% - 20%) , Ⅵ - ( + 50% - 30%) General capacitor common Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ level, electrolytic capacitor with Ⅳ, Ⅴ, ten capacitance under the advantages and disadvantages of revelation in the face of capacitance of advantages and disadvantages of several common as a brief introduction to the for your reference. 1, aluminum electrolytic capacitor ( CD) Advantages: have a polarity. , large capacity, can endure large ripple current. Disadvantages: large capacity error, leakage current is big, big loss frequency characteristic is bad. Application: the ordinary is not suitable for application in high frequency and low temperature, unfavorable use in more than 25 KHZ frequency low frequency bypass, signal coupling, power filtering. Generally applied in the power supply filter, low-frequency coupling, decoupling, bypass, etc. 2, tantalum electrolytic capacitor ( CA) Advantages: minimal leakage current, storage, long life and capacity of the error is small, and small volume. Good stability, large capacity, good high frequency characteristics. Disadvantages: high cost, the unit by the body to get the largest product of capacitance voltage tolerance of pulsating current ability is poor, if the damage is easy in short circuit state of microminiature parts with high reliability. Application: in demanding instead of aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the circuit. 3, polyester ( Polyester) Capacitance ( CL) Advantages: small volume, large capacity, heat resistant to wet. Cons: poor stability. Applications: low requirements for stability and loss of low frequency circuit. 4, polystyrene capacitor ( 世邦魏理仕(CB) Advantage: stable, low loss. Disadvantages: large size. Application: higher requirements for stability and loss of the circuit. 5, polypropylene capacitor ( CBB) Advantages: good frequency characteristic, the volume is small. Weakness: the stability of slightly. Application: replace most of eps or mica capacitor, used in circuit of high demand.
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