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The application of super capacitor in electric bicycle technology

by:SMiLer     2021-01-14
One, the present situation of the electric bicycle '1998 electric bikes have production statistics, when the national statistical 16 companies, the annual output is 58600 units. ', chairman of the China bicycle association feng-he wang recalls: 'from 1998 to 2007, only 10 years time, electric bicycle production reached 21. 3 million, the average annual growth of 43. 2%, has already achieved 65 million cars in ten years. 'In 10 years, both in products and in production technology and equipment, quality improvement, technology progress. On the product, the service life of the lead-acid battery common growth; New ocean and so on one batch of enterprise independent research and development of high speed brushless motor production technology mature gradually, and got more used on the vehicle; High power, high torque, motor with variable speed gear are successively developed, laid a solid foundation for the later development of electric scooters. At the same time, the industrial scale is also rising, annual output of more than 100000 enterprises reached 46, annual production capacity of the country's total 46. 08%. 'Due to have the guarantee product quality, technical requirements and achieved the level of developed countries, Chinese exports of electric bicycle, 350000, 2007, including the number of export to Japan, the United States, the European Union to reach 20. 330000 units. 'Feng-he wang said. According to the design of the China economic report group, by 2010, China's electric bicycle production volume can reach 30 million units, output can reach 5 million ~ 6 million, the realization of industrial output value 70 billion yuan, the upstream and downstream industry overall size will reach 130 billion yuan. At present China has become the world's largest producer of electric bicycles, consumer and exporter. Second, the advantages of super capacitor in electric bicycle 1, super capacitor is green energy ( Activated carbon) Don't pollute the environment; Lead-acid batteries pollute the environment. 2, super capacitor advantages: long service life, the cycle life of 3000 ~ 5000; Lead-acid battery cycles was only about 300 ~ 500. 3, charging speed so fast: electric bicycles can be filled with 2 ~ 3 minutes; Lead-acid batteries need 5 ~ 8 hours. Super capacitor can deep discharge and large current charging; Lead-acid batteries are not allowed to depth of discharge, does not allow large current charging. Price: 4, super capacitor is a little taller than lead acid battery ( High 1/3) , but more than five times the lead-acid battery life. The lithium ion battery price is three times the price of the super capacitor. The shapes of 5, super capacitor size: according to the existing standard electric bicycle battery pack size, general electric bicycle battery pack, super capacitor can be put in. 6, in electric enterprises, there is no super capacitor, domestic outfit on electric bikes with super capacitor can be said to be a world. 7 compared with lead-acid battery, super capacitor, super capacitor is completely free of maintenance. Don't need people to manage, maintain the super capacitor. Lead-acid batteries need someone tube, need people to care. Super capacitor can be in - 30℃~- On this temperature 40 ℃, lead-acid battery basic will not work. 8, super capacitor in the braking energy and downhill potential energy, recycle as much as 75% of its electricity; Lead-acid battery energy recovery is only 5%. The super capacitor energy recycling, can save a lot of electricity. Three, super capacitor has two features is a particularly large supercapacitors than power, this is its advantages; 2 it is smaller than energy in particular, this is a flaw in it. Super capacitor is greater than power, its features are: charging, charging amount, fast charging; Large discharge, discharge, discharge faster, climbing, more than 30 times larger than lead-acid batteries, this is the most important performance of electric vehicles. Super capacitor is greater than power, and also a lot of use in electric bicycles, such as starting, acceleration, climbing requires high current, super capacitor allows large current discharge. Lead-acid batteries are not allowed to use large current charging, lead-acid battery charge once large current discharge plate can cure, will shorten the battery life. Super capacitor and lead-acid battery in the external mixing, can prolong the service life of the lead-acid battery 1 ~ 3 times.
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