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The application of mica capacitor and benefits

by:SMiLer     2021-03-05
Mica capacitor application mica capacitor used in radio receiver equipment, precision electronic instruments and modern communication instrument and equipment, radio, borne power amplifier, televisions, etc. The benefits of mica mica has all of the best stability, dielectric temperature coefficient for + 35 PPM, for polystyrene is - 150 ppm /。 This is done through at high temperature ( 560℃) Sintered silver mica sheet and ShiJiaYin cream to enhance edge. Then using the vacuum impregnation Napelec C, Napelec C is a specially designed for high pressure paper insulated cable development of the synthesis of poly (butylene wax. This made the non-resonant solid structure. Stability of mica capacitor has been put into production for more than 100 years, has proven to have long-term stability. Long-term stress cracking problems affect the polystyrene capacitor. Laminated stretch foil structure with very low loss and high frequency characteristics. Polystyrene capacitor is usually only with foil. Standard configuration provides 1% of tolerance, Less than 10 pf + 0. 5 pf) 。 They can be trimmed to very strict tolerance, up to 0. 1%, with high quality audio equipment used in the metal film and tantalum foil resistance matching. Only mica have this ability. Mica is the first choice of the dielectric capacitor calibration standards, and used by the national physical laboratory. Interestingly, there is a kind of natural mica silicate crystals, it is easy to cut into very thin sheet. Variability with all natural products, may be very high, need to carefully choose the precision manufacturing and manual assembly and a separate trim mica capacitor in the UK. This is still the most effective in professional precision parts production methods. This can also flexibly create any value for a particular order. Use the NPL traceable calibration Agilent/HP test equipment for testing. Mica capacitor using load by silver solder connection thick silver wire, this means that the conductive part of the component is actually silver, eliminating any may lead to distortion of the electric potential barrier. Do not use the standard copper clad steel wire, because they will be due to the magnetic effect is introduced into three harmonic distortion. Standard provided by the lead length more than an inch long ( 25 mm) , or longer if needed, in order to use in high-end audio equipment manual components, such as hard connection valve amplifier. Level of 500 v is also useful in the application. Finally, through the blue epoxy resin powder coating sealing capacitor, curing and tag values under 125 ℃, and will soon be familiar with JMX. They will be implemented in any high-end audio design and check the parts.
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