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The application of conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitor selection

by:SMiLer     2021-02-25
1, the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors: advantages: easier to get the large capacity high pressure, low price etc, are commonly used in the power input and output filter circuit. Weakness: the fear of high temperature. Because of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrolyte for liquid core fever or will cause the electrolyte volatile environment temperature is higher, the long-term high temperature lead to electrolyte dry failure. Figure 1 aluminum electrolytic capacitor failure diagram 2, the power supply circuit of the aluminum electrolysis application considerations ( 1) Prevent halogen corrosion of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is sensitive to chlorine and bromine element, if using flux, cleaning agents containing halogen, fixative, fumigants, halide may through the sealing rubber plug into capacitor inside, easy to cause the capacitor anode corrosion, accelerated in the wake of the electricity capacitor failure. So must be strictly controlled production process using relevant sensitive in the process of preparation of halogen elements. ( 2) Storage environment control and regular activated electrolytic capacitors to store environment and time, which shall be controlled on a regular basis can assign. Aluminum electrolysis by the deposit under the environment of high temperature for a long time after dinner, capacitor anode oxidation membrane and electrolyte can produce chemical reaction, cause pressure drop, increase leakage current. When all of a sudden it with electricity, close to the rated voltage, the capacitor voltage may cause overvoltage failure or leakage through the large lead to overheating. Especially high voltage class capacitance of the corresponding monomers, activation treatment after long-term storage, suggest concatenated 1 k & Omega; Protection resistance, pressure gradually to the rated voltage for 1 hour, the capacitor anodic oxidation film was rebuilt, leakage current to return to normal levels. ( 3) Reasonable layout on the PCB components, aluminum electrolytic capacitor away from heat source ( 4) According to the product characteristics, selection solid-state capacitors. Such as: in the low-voltage high-current output applications, using aluminum solid capacitors. Solid aluminum capacitor has a very low ESR and high ripple current, very suitable for low voltage large current rectifier filter. Figure 2 common appearance and solid electrolytic capacitor applications
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