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The application of capacitor in life

by:SMiLer     2021-02-06
Capacitor: just as its name implies is & lsquo; Containers of electric & rsquo; , is a kind of hold charge device. English name: Capacitor. Commonly used C said. Dosage of capacitor is electronic equipment in one of the three largest electronic components. , from the basic principle of capacitor is the ability to store charge container, the storage of equal distribution on two pieces of positive and negative charges is not directly on the conduction of the conductor plate. ( Can such a tracing the basic structure of the capacitor: two pieces of conductor plate ( Usually a metal plate) Asked to insulation insulation dielectric, shall constitute a basic model of the condenser. Any two insulated conductor (with each other BaoZhe conductor) Ask all constitute a capacitor. Capacitor for people can be a little strange, but if use include capacitor products, may be you are not so unfamiliar. Many associated with electrical products need to use capacitor, such as generator, pump, etc. Capacitance in short is the container of electricity, as the container of electricity, on the capacity is big, of course, the scientific community now has a lot of people working on research and development of super capacitor. Capacitance is a widely used in daily life, because it is a small medium, so in many places to be able to be used. Since the industrial revolution, began to shift from the steam age all over the world to power, so the birth of the capacitance is of very important significance for age. A capacitor can store energy, the more the greater the power, for example, now do the thinner and more mobile phone, one of the most important reason is because the parts is more and more small, but the role is more and more big. So also in the same way, the effect of capacitance, if can ascend a height in the storage, in the future on each appliance or industrial use, can use the minimum space for the maximum benefit. For the mechanical and electrical industry also has the cross time significance. Common capacitors ceramics capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, safety capacitors, monolithic capacitors, polyester capacitor, metallized film capacitor, start capacitor, mica capacitor film capacitor glass glaze capacitor paper condenser, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, composite paper condenser, liquid tantalum capacitor, polystyrene capacitor. Capacitance is the ability of physical quantities of capacitor for charge. We put the electric potential difference between the two plates of capacitor increase the charge for the 1 v, is called a capacitor of capacitance. Capacitor charging and discharging application in daily life is more: 1, rechargeable flashlights, razor, etc; In 2, solar street lamp capacitor ( Battery) , the solar panels collect energy stored in the storage battery, at night and then electric release; 3, the starter of the fluorescent lamp, in the fluorescent lamp startup moment will boost voltage; 4, electric fan and the inside of the motor and capacitor, root fluorescent lamp is similar;
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