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The advantage of the thin film capacitor and the design method of use

by:SMiLer     2021-01-19
Preface by 13 in recent years. Around 56 MHZ frequency close range wireless communication technology, smart phones and other small mobile devices at the representative as an opportunity, and gradually to the tablet PC market and wearable devices such as stretched out. However, due to the different USES and different specifications of the upward trend in the relationship between regional NFC communication lead to each specifications of the optimum resonance frequency range. In addition, according to the NFC function ( Card simulation function, read and write function, etc. ) The best resonance frequency range is different. Also have to consider the NFC antenna inductance value changes. Therefore, in order to have NFC function is relatively simple, the necessity of the resonant frequency matching device is gradually improving. Murata manufacturing through the characteristic of the capacitor technology and membrane microfabrication technology, using the control voltage for control of electrostatic effect, the capacity of the thin film capacitor production. This product is a kind of NFC, used to get its FeliCa applications, not only can adjust the frequency of the NFC/get its FeliCa as electrostatic capacity variable element used for various applications. What is a thin film capacitor? Thin film capacitor refers to the so-called Si circuit boards through the thin film method to form the dielectric, resin encapsulation. And dielectric thin film material is adopted the high dielectric constant series of ceramic material barium titanate ( BaTIO3, hereinafter referred to as 'BT') Series of materials. Ceramic capacitor used in strong dielectric material contains BT series, etc. , so when applying an electric field to the dielectric, it has the relative dielectric constant change, Reduce) The dc bias characteristics. Thin film capacitor use the dc bias characteristics, is a kind of can control voltage to adjust the electrostatic capacity of functional devices. In addition, through the thin film method will thin dielectric layer, thus improve upon the intensity of electric field of dielectric and realized through low voltage electrostatic capacity of relatively large rate of change of target. In addition, due to the use of a series of high dielectric constant material, can be repeatedly applied voltage to the best to control the composition of dielectric, such as electrostatic capacity value deviation ( Dc bias aging properties) , electrostatic capacity change the hysteresis characteristics of this topic. In the NFC occasions, by adjusting the resonant frequency to ensure zero problems of the application of use. Thin film under the advantage of the variable capacitor will representative examples on the application of the resonance frequency in the NFC adjustment. NFC is the antenna with a capacitor in parallel, adjust the resonance frequency in the 13th. About 56 MHZ to achieve a good communication distance.

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