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Switching capacitor Banks prohibited?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-29
Capacitor Banks charged closing is prohibited. In ac circuits, if the capacitor is charged when closing again, may be more than 2 times of the rated voltage of the capacitor peak, it is harmful for capacitor. At the same time, also can make a big impact current, sometimes make blown fuse or circuit breaker tripping. Accordingly, after each time a switch capacitor group, must then discharge, disappear to charge after the closing. Theoretically, the capacitor discharge time to infinity to put out, but in fact as long as the discharge resistance to choose appropriate, discharge 1 min or so can meet the requirements. So the operation rules, each time to switch capacitor group, must be disconnected after 3 min in the capacitor group, and security. Capacitor group belongs to any loss of pressure container group to failure pressure loss. System itself does not damage the condenser pressure loss, but the system voltage short disappear or power short-term disruptions, the following phenomena may occur in the capacitor (overvoltage and overcurrent and damage 1) Capacitor Banks are not finished, but immediately after discharge pressure loss recovery voltage switching capacitor Banks with the rest of the charge, make a big impact current and transient overvoltage, damage the capacitor. ( 2) Substation after the loss of pressure when sending an no-load transformer and capacitor input at the same time, the no-load input switching inrush current LC circuit will damage the capacitor. ( 3) Substation risk when sending to recover pressure loss on the bus without load and make the bus over-voltage caused by high voltage capacitor.
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