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Super capacitor will be the future of green energy storage products?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-14
Starring leonardo's environmental documentary refuelled 'before the flood' the international community to the global warming and environmental pollution, in the interview objects that store energy in the batteries in the battery energy storage products in the role in dealing with global climate change. Climate change is increasingly serious today, and to research and develop the green, efficient energy storage and power market application is imminent. Put the super capacitors with high power charge, long cycle life, green environmental protection, high voltage, wide temperature range wide, free maintenance, such as unique energy storage characteristics stand out, become a hotspot in the research and application of new energy. This article will through the comparisons of the super capacitor and battery, its energy storage characteristic. Unlike using chemical battery, super capacitor charge and discharge process is always a physical process. Super capacitor energy density is lower than the battery, power characteristic better than batteries, can fast charge and discharge current, wide working temperature on battery, suitable for - All kinds of working condition of 40 to 65 degrees. Comparison, super capacitor and battery and capacitor set star science and technology to provide the green, efficient leader set star science and technology of the super capacitor main materials are aluminum electrolyte, activated carbon and organic system, including aluminum itself is harmless metal materials, the electrolyte is biodegradable organic system. From the elements, the product is not the traditional batteries such as lead-acid battery destructive environment. From the structure, this kind of capacitor using activated carbon and electrolyte formed get large capacitance of electric double layer. Because the product is based on the technology of micro/nano carbon materials as electrodes, has the very good environment friendly; Unique process flow and design structure, on the other hand, ensuring a high degree of super capacitor energy storage performance metrics. In 3000 f monomer, for example, the weight about 520 g, the release of energy in a few seconds to throw a grown man to 20 meters ( Without considering air resistance) , or to make 1 kg of water heating up 2. 85℃。 And crucially, super capacitor cycle life as much as one million times, that is to say, can be repeated one million times the above actions. In addition, with the chemical characteristics of lithium battery and lively, prone to all kinds of explosion under the normal situation is different, the super capacitor performance is stable, now the world has not yet appeared together for supercapacitors its problems caused by accidents. In addition, the super capacitor can be in wide voltage, wide working temperature range, almost free maintenance after installation, greatly saves equipment operational cost. Huge potential as power density, response time, energy storage efficiency, equipment life, technical maturity of various performances, super capacitor in rail transit, new energy vehicles, smart grid, engineering machinery and industrial fields widely used. Has tens of thousands of super capacitor modules used in yutong represented by the new energy bus, throughout the country more than 20 cities, buses for fuel by more than 20%. In the field of wind power, super capacitor completely replace the traditional battery, become a fan is analyzed. studying system standby power supply, can in - 40 ~ 65 ℃ condition of 500000 ~ 1 million times. In recent years, European and American markets car emergency start power began to import the super capacitor, is expected to become super capacitor emerging applications. Super capacitor applications associated with climate change took effect, the Paris agreement governments to further change the way of energy utilization, represented by the super capacitor related applications is the new green energy storage device will be born crucial one annulus. Now appears to be potential ultracapacitors, no doubt will be the future of high quality stocks.
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