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Super capacitor) right?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-10
The super capacitor has a very wide range of USES. Combined with a high energy density material such as fuel cells, supercapacitors provides a quick release of energy, meet the needs of high power, so that the fuel cell can be used only as a source of energy. At present, the energy density of super capacitor can be as high as 20 kw/kg, and have begun to preempt the market between the traditional capacitor and battery. In high reliability and application of energy demand is not high, can be used to replace the traditional battery, super capacitor can also combine the super capacitor and battery, used in energy demanding situations, and can use a smaller, cheaper batteries. Super capacitor ESR value is very low, which can output a larger current, also can quickly absorb large current. Compared with the chemical principle of charging, the working principle of the super capacitor makes this product more stable performance, as a result, the service life of the super capacitor will be longer. To need such as electric tools, toys, fast charging device, the super capacitor is undoubtedly the most ideal power supply. Some products are suitable for use battery, super capacitor hybrid system, the use of super capacitor can be avoided in order to get more energy and using large volume of the battery. Such as digital cameras are examples of consumer electronics products, the use of super capacitor to make the digital camera can use cheaper alkaline batteries instead of using expensive Li ion battery. Super capacitor unit cell rated voltage in the range of 2. 5 ~ 2. 7 v, as a result, many applications need to use multiple super capacitor units. When these units series, design engineers need to consider the balance between unit and recharge. Any super capacitor in current situation, through the internal parallel resistance discharge, the discharge current is called leakage current, it affects the self-discharge of super capacitor unit. With some secondary battery technology, super capacitor voltage when used in tandem, also need to balance, because the super capacitor leakage current, the size of the internal resistance in parallel decision series of super capacitor voltage distribution on the unit. After the super capacitor voltage stability, the voltage on the unit will change with different leakage current, rather than with the capacitance value varies. The smaller the greater the leakage current, rated voltage, on the contrary, small leakage current, rated voltage is high. This is because the leakage flows due to super capacitor unit discharge, the voltage is reduced, and then the voltage affect and its voltage in series with the other unit, the unit assumes the series are using the same constant voltage power supply. To compensate for changes in leakage current, often approach is next to each unit a resistor in parallel, to control the leakage current of the whole unit. This method can effectively reduce the change of the corresponding parallel resistance between each unit.
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