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Super capacitor parameters and classification

by:SMiLer     2021-01-13
Super super capacitor is a capacitor parameters through a electrochemical polarization electrolyte to energy storage components, can be used as a kind of between conventional capacitors and batteries, with special performance of power supply, and storage process is reversible and can be repeated charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times. Its outstanding advantage is high power density, charge and discharge time is short, long cycle life, wide working temperature range, is the world of the electric double layer capacitor production capacity is one of the largest. 1, the working voltage of super capacitor voltage has a recommendation or zui better working voltage, the value is set according to the capacitance at the highest temperature zui to determine the long working hours. If the applied voltage is higher than the recommended, will shorten the life of the capacitor, if the overvoltage is a long time, capacitance internal electrolyte will break down to form gas, when the gas pressure is increased, the safety of the capacitance hole will be broke or break. Over voltage for a short period of time for capacitance is tolerated. 2, polar supercapacitors using symmetrical electrode design, also said, they have similar structures. When the capacitor assembly for the first time, every electrode can be as the positive or negative, once the capacitance is * 100% from full charge, capacitance becomes a polarity, each of the super capacitor shell has a negative sign or logo. Although they can be a short circuit in order to make the voltage down to zero volts, but still retain a few charge electrodes, transform the polarity is not recommended at this time. Capacitance according to a direction is charging, the longer their polarity becomes stronger, if long time according to a direction of a capacitor polarity after transformation, the capacitance of the life will be shortened. 3, the temperature of the super capacitor - is the normal operating temperature 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the combination of temperature and voltage is one of the important factors affecting the service life of the super capacitor. Under normal circumstances, the super capacitor each elevated temperature is 10 ℃, the life of the capacitor will be reduced by 30% ~ 50%, also said that, if possible, try to reduce the use of super capacitor temperature, in order to lower the attenuation of the capacitance and resistance increases, if impossible to reduce the temperature, so can reduce the voltage to against high temperature and the negative effect on the capacitor. 4 super capacitor discharge, discharge, according to a slope curve discharge, when an application after the capacity of capacitance and resistance requirements, the most important thing is to need to understand the impact of resistance and capacitance on the discharge characteristic. In the applications of pulse, resistance is the most important factor, in small current application, capacity and important factors. Computation formula is as follows: V = I ( R + t / C) Of V is starting working voltage and work as the difference between the voltage, I is the discharge current, dc resistance R is capacitance is, t is the discharge time, C is the capacitance in pulse application, because the current is very big, in order to reduce the voltage drop, choose low resistance ( ESR) The super capacitor ( R value) , in small current applications, in order to reduce the voltage drop, need to choose the large capacity of super capacitor ( C value) 。 The classification of the super capacitor for super capacitor, according to the different content can have different classified method. First of all, according to the different energy storage mechanism, supercapacitors can be divided into electric double layer capacitor and Faraday capacitor two kinds big. Among them, the electric double layer capacitors mainly through pure electrostatic charge on the electrode surface by adsorption to generate the stored energy. Faraday quasi capacitor active electrode materials (mainly by Faraday quasi capacitance Such as transition metal oxides and polymer) Surface and near surface reversible REDOX reaction Faraday capacitance, so as to realize the energy storage and conversion. Secondly, according to the types of electrolyte can be divided into the drainage super capacitor and organic super capacitor two kinds big. In addition, according to the type of the active material are the same, super capacitor can be divided into symmetric and asymmetric supercapacitor. Finally, according to the state form of electrolyte, and super capacitor can be divided into solid electrolyte super capacitor and liquid electrolyte super capacitor two kinds big.
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