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Super capacitor is how to control the charging voltage?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-12
If the voltage is over unit rated voltage will shorten the service life of the unit. For high reliability of the super capacitor, how to maintain the voltage within the scope of the requirements is the key point, must control the charging voltage, rated voltage in place to ensure that it cannot be more than each unit. Super capacitor charging voltage control 1, super capacitor with fixed polarity. Before use, shall confirm the polarity. 2, the super capacitor should be used under the nominal voltage, when the capacitor voltage more than nominal voltage, will cause the electrolyte decomposition, the capacitor will fever at the same time, capacity, and internal resistance increases, shorten the life, in some cases, can cause a collapse capacitor performance. 3, super capacitor charging and discharging are not used in high frequency circuit, high frequency of fast charge and discharge can cause capacitor internal fever, damping capacity, internal resistance increases, in some cases causing collapse capacitor performance. 4, the life of the super capacitor: the environment temperature has an important influence for the life of the super capacitor. Capacitor should be as far as possible away from heat source. 5, when the super capacitor is used as a backup power supply voltage drop: because of the super capacitor has the characteristics of internal resistance is larger, at the instant of the discharge voltage drop, Δ V = IR. 6, use gas in environment: super capacitor in the relative humidity is more than 85% or contain toxic gas, these circumstances will lead to corrosion, fuses and capacitor shell lead to break. 7, super capacitor storage: super capacitor can't put in high temperature and high humidity environment, should be in the temperature - 30 + 50 ℃, relative humidity is less than 60% of the store environment, avoid rising and dropping drastically temperature, because this can lead to product damage. 8, super capacitor in the use of double-sided circuit board: when the super capacitor used for double-sided circuit boards, need to pay attention to the joint after a capacitor is palpable, as a result of the super capacitor installation, could lead to short circuit phenomenon. 9, when the capacitor welding on the PCB, not to come into contact with the circuit board on the capacitor shell, or welding material will infiltrate to capacitor threading hole, impact on condenser performance. 10, after installation of super capacitor, cannot forced tilt and twist capacitor, which can cause loose capacitor lead, lead to performance degradation. 11, in the welding process to avoid overheating of the capacitor: if the overheating phenomenon, the capacitor in the welding can reduce the service life of the capacitor, for example: if you use the thickness of 1. 6 mm of printed circuit board, welding process should be 260 ℃, no more than 5 s. After 12, welding cleaning: in capacitor after welding, circuit board and the capacitor need after cleaning, because some impurities may cause short circuit capacitor. 13, when the capacitor in series: when the super capacitor used in tandem, monomer voltage balance between problems, simple series capacitor over voltage, can lead to one or a few monomer and damage the capacitor, the overall performance is affected, so use capacitor in series with requires manufacturers technical support. 14, other: in the process of using the super capacitor, and other applications on the problems of please consult the manufacturer or by reference to relevant technical data of super capacitor instructions.
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