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Super capacitor capacity how to calculate

by:SMiLer     2022-01-07
The principle of the super capacitor electric double layer theory is the core of the super capacitor, which is determined by the electric double layer structure of the device. Super capacitor is by using the theory of electric double layer capacitor. When the applied voltage on the capacitors in the two plate, the storage charge of principle is the same, namely the positive electrode and the corresponding corresponding, negative electrode and negative charge. And super capacitor in addition to these functions, if it had been hit by electric fields will have the opposite charge between electrolyte and electrode, the positive and negative respectively in different contact surface, the load distribution under the condition of belong to electric double layer, the principle is shown in figure 1. Because of the improvement on capacitor structure combination, super capacitor storage capacitance greatly. In addition, if the super capacitor electric potential between two plates are less than the standard potentials of the electrolyte, the super capacitor is a normal working state, the opposite is not normal. According to the principle of the super capacitor, it does not appear in the process of using chemical reaction, is only in the change of physical properties, thus the stability of the super capacitor is more reliable. The characteristics of the super capacitor and battery compared to traditional physical capacitor, super capacitor characteristics mainly reflects in: ( 1) High power density. Up to 102 ~ 104 W/kg, far above the level of the power density of battery. ( 2) Long cycle life. In a few seconds of the depth charge and discharge cycle after 500000 times to 1 million times, as well as the characteristics of super capacitor is small, capacity and internal resistance is only reduced by 10% ~ 20%. ( 3) Wide working temperature. Due to the low temperature condition in the super capacitor ion adsorption and stripping of speed change is not big, so it is far less than the battery capacity change. Commercial super capacitor working temperature range can be up to - 40℃~+80℃。 ( 4) Maintenance free. Super capacitor charge and discharge efficiency is high, over charge and over discharge capacity to a certain extent, can be steadily repeated charge and discharge, in theory, is not need to be maintained. Specific functions as follows: ( 1) Bypass: super capacitor in the bypass capacitors can store electricity on a regular basis, but in the operation of the other components in need energy, was maintained using timely release the charge. The biggest function of the bypass capacitors in the output voltage regulator charge balance, to avoid the charge transport chaos caused by the circuit fault, device charging and discharging flexibility strong, bypass capacitors principle ( 2) Decoupling: status of the decoupling circuit mainly for the coupling phenomenon, coupling is due to current and resistance in the circuit to lose balance and cause of a noise, is not conducive to internal circuit load balanced layout. Super capacitor after use, can effectively eliminate the coupling phenomenon, keep the indicators in the circuit parameters in the standard state. ( 3) Storage: either a regular capacitor or super capacitor, storage performance of the electric charge or electricity is very important. Super capacitor charge storage capacity is larger and would be able to meet the demand of the use of more electronic components. Super capacitor stored energy use of converter after the output of the transmitted power, lead after optimization can further strengthen the capacity of storage performance. How much is the super capacitor capacity ( 1) Constant current, the current in the working condition of the super capacitor and duration of certain circumstances: C = It/( Vwork - Vmin) For example: work starting voltage Vwork = 5 v. Work by the voltage Vmin = 4. 2V; Work time t = 10 s; Work power I = 100 ma = 0. 1 a capacitance is required: C = 0. 1 * 10 / ( 5 - 4. 2) = 1. 25 f the situation to choose capacity of 5. 5 v1。 5 f products. ( 2) Constant power, that is, under the condition of power output value must be C * & Delta; U2/2 = PT, for example, 200 kw power continuous discharge under 10 seconds, working voltage range is 450 v - Capacity: 750 v, the capacitance C = 2 * 20 kw * 10 / ( 7502 - 4502). F = 11 so the voltage above 750 v 11 f capacity of capacitor ( Energy storage system) Can satisfy this requirement. Such as calculated capacitance is beyond the scope of monomer, can be more super capacitor series parallel composition module, to meet customers' specific needs. Multiple formula of capacitor in series: 1 / C = 1 / C1 / C2 & hellip; 1 / Cn is limited by a manufacturing technology, our country still exist in the use of the super capacitor installation, debugging, etc. A lot of equipment fault caused by the blind use of super capacitor, influence the exertion of the whole equipment performance.
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