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Super capacitor application in electric vehicles

by:SMiLer     2021-01-12
Super capacitor electric bus is the best way to urban public traffic modernization - — Environmental protection, energy saving, low cost! A, super capacitor is the successful development of the technical characteristics of super capacitor energy storage device ( Battery) A revolution: the other energy storage devices, are made of electrical energy into chemical energy, again by conversion of chemical energy into electricity, two shift energy loss, super capacitor charging directly, and then directly discharge, energy form no change, no energy losses; Charge and discharge efficiency is as high as 98%, economic value is big, only 70% of the lead-acid battery. Super capacitor is greater than power, its feature is: when charging, the charging quantity is big, fast charging quantity; Put battery discharge, the discharge is large, fast. In the electric vehicle is running, start quickly, speed fast, powerful, climbing more than 30 times larger than lead-acid batteries, this is the most important performance of electric vehicles can use. Super capacitor is smaller than the energy, its features are: travel distance equal weight of super capacitor, is only 1/3 of the lead-acid battery, this is a big super capacitor defects. Travel distance of the super capacitor short, run not far; But fast charging and travel distance can make up for the defects of short, remedial method is to build charging stations at the two ends of the city traffic line, super capacitor trip range of electric cars, so can not restricted. Second, the super capacitor advantages: 1, the super capacitor is green energy ( Activated carbon) And don't pollute the environment. 2, super capacitor long life ( 1 - 100000 times) ; Lead-acid battery life short ( 500 times) , easily damaged, difficult to manage, 20 ~ 200 times that of lead-acid battery, can with the equipment. 3, super capacitor charging speed, 0. 3 seconds to 15 minutes) ; Lead-acid battery charging time is long, 5 ~ 8 hours) , a lot of battery is charging time long, limited driving distance is short. 4, super capacitor charging and discharging efficiency ( 98%) ; Lead acid battery charge and discharge efficiency is low, 70%) ; High power density, the super capacitor (5 10. 000W/kg) ; Lead-acid battery low power density ( 300W/kg) Poor, more than 30 times. 6, super capacitor completely free maintenance, operating temperature range ( - 40 ~ 50) ; Lead-acid battery electric vehicle in - Travel distance of 40 ℃ decreased by 90%, the super capacitor is only reduced by 10%. 7, the super capacitor electric bus energy recovery is strong, emergency braking energy recovery is as high as 75%; Lead-acid battery energy recovery is only 5%, which is very important to the public bus, can save a lot of fuel. 8, relatively low cost. Super capacitor is twice as tall as lead-acid batteries in mass production after the price will fall; But the life of the supercapacitor 10 times higher than the lead-acid battery and it is very important for public bus industrialization. Three, dual power super capacitor electric car why save? Why can reduce the pollution? Dual power super capacitor electric vehicles, one of the biggest advantage, is to give full play to the super capacitor at low RPM, big load cases, basic is not affected by energy losses; Under the condition of deceleration, downhill, brake, the energy can be recycled. To avoid the internal combustion engine at low speed and heavy load; High speed and high load operation under the condition of oil, make the engine always run in the best state, the province oil, and reduce the pollution, dual power supercapacitors can electric vehicle fuel efficiency by 30% ~ 50%, reduce pollution by 70% ~ 90%. Early stage: low RPM, big load and fuel; Diesel generating set at this stage in the best condition, at this time with a super capacitor start, acceleration, and the super capacitor charging. Normal operation stage: at this time the internal combustion generating set is in the best condition to run, and the motor output power, public bus load minimum at this moment, is also the most fuel efficient, and to the super capacitor charging. High-speed operation stage: internal combustion generating set stable output power to the motor, and super capacitor motor output power. This stage motor revolutions is high, the load is big, the public bus speed is the fastest. Braking, parking, deceleration, downhill stage: at this time closed to the motor output power generating set, super capacitor, the kinetic energy reserves by bus, motor into a generator to the super capacitor charging, can absorb 70% of kinetic energy, especially the urban public transportation, can save a lot of fuel.
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