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Standard capacitor is an overview of the

by:SMiLer     2022-01-11
Capacitor overview overview standard capacitor is mainly used in power frequency ( 50Hz) High voltage measurement circuit of communication as a standard capacitor, for comparison capacitance in the bridge type circuit, for example, to measure capacitance and loss tangent; Can also double as capacitance bleeder circuit of high voltage capacitor; Can also be partial discharge measurement circuit of high pressure coupling capacitance. The products are mainly for electric power system, mechanical industry, scientific research institutions and tertiary institutions, substation, power plants, metering station and lab as the main service object. Technical performance and requirements 1, capacitance deviation: plus or minus 3%, the measured values of the measurement error is not more than plus or minus 0. 05%. 2, electrical wiring and shielding between the insulation resistance shall be not less than 100 m Ω. 3, the actual value of capacitor capacity in instability gamma for accuracy grades to zero. 005, 0. 01 and so on, the capacity of the nominal value of 1 ~ 106 pf capacitor, gamma should be no greater than the provisions of the table below. The accuracy of the quasi level index actual values in unstable gamma ( ×10- 6/a) 0. 005 ±0. 3 to 0. 01 ±0. 5 0. 02 ±0. 8 0. 05 ±1. 5 0. 1 ±3 0. 2 ±6 0. 5 ±10 1. 0-20 4, operation area environmental air temperature range: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃; Range of air relative humidity: 40% ~ 80%; Atmospheric pressure range: 98. 3 kpa ~ 104。 3 kpa。 Technical parameters of model Un/kV rated voltage rated capacitance Cn/u F shape dimension/mm note LxWxH YL100 - 100 100 100 350×350×800   YL200- 100 200 100 950×950×1700 YL250- 100 250 100 1080×1080×2300   YL300- 70 300 70 1080×1080×2500   YL500- 50 500 50 140×140×2900
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