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Safety capacitor used in where

by:SMiLer     2021-02-26
Safety capacitance application is very extensive, widely used in home appliances, power supply products, electrical motors, LED lighting, chargers, uninterruptible power supply, etc. 1, safety capacitance X applications (1) inhibition of electromagnetic interference resistance to electromagnetic interference is the most common X capacitance effect, generally two pins jumper between zero line and the line of fire, suitable for high frequency, dc, ac, coupling, jumper pulse circuit, able to withstand overvoltage, generally used with resistor in parallel, the purpose is to discharge charge effect; (2) resistance capacity step-down resistance capacity buck is X capacitor is often used, especially for low cost products, the working principle of capacitance step-down is using capacitors in a ac signal frequency of capacitive reactance to limit the maximum working current. On the capacitor in series at the same time a resistance element, the impedance components at both ends of the voltage and the power produced by it all depends on the characteristics of the impedance components. Therefore, capacitance step-down is actually using capacitive reactance current-limiting, actually have a limited current and capacitor and dynamically allocated capacitors and load voltage on both ends. The diagram below: (3) filter can be used as dc filter is used, the X2 safety capacitor can be used in parallel. 2, Y safety capacitor application many isolation switch power supply in the primary and secondary plus Y capacitor is to provide secondary common-mode current with a loop to primary, reduce the influence of common-mode current to the output. Y capacitor concatenated between to high pressure and low pressure, sometimes using two Y capacitor in series is in order to improve the high pressure and low pressure between the pressure between, sometimes there will be a shortage of pressure, won't cause safety capacitance type pressure, can choose high voltage ceramic capacitors as Y capacitance, Y capacitor connection usually have four kind of situations: (1) input, and common-mode inductor filter, L and N for PE and respectively; (2) energy storage large capacitor positive and negative side to add PE; (3) output for PE add; (4) and the former vice edge transformer jumper. How to meet safety capacitance of the safety can be divided into X and Y capacitors. X capacitor: mainly used in capacitance before L and N. Y capacitor: L and G or between N and G. In the ac power input, generally need to increase three safety capacitance to suppress the EMI conducted interference. Along with the below small make up know the safety capacitance how to pick up. The ac power input is divided into three terminals: wire ( L) / zero line ( N) / ground wire ( G) 。 Between the wire and ground and between the zero line and the ground and capacitance, generally referred to as Y capacitance. The two Y capacitor connection position is the key, must need to comply with relevant safety standards, to prevent cause leakage or chassis charged electronic equipment, easy to endanger personal safety and life. They belong to safety capacitance, which required capacitance cannot slants big, the pressure must be higher. In general, working in subtropical machine, requirements of leakage current should not exceed 0. 7mA; Work in temperate machine, requirements of leakage current should not exceed 0. 35mA。 Noted: as a safety Y capacitors, safety inspection agencies must get certification. Between the wire and zero suppression of parallel capacitor, commonly called X capacitor. Because the position of the capacitor connection is the key, also need to comply with relevant safety standards. X capacitor also belong to one of safety capacitance. As one of safety capacitance X capacitor, also requires must obtain certification of safety inspection agencies. X capacitor are generally marked security authentication marks and compression AC250V or AC275V, but its real dc withstand voltage of 2000 v, don't use when using nominal pressure AC250V or DC400V capacitors to substitute. Usually, X capacitor choose ripple current more larger polyester film capacitor. This type of capacitance, the volume is larger, the charging and discharging current is big, but it allows instant and its internal resistance smaller accordingly. Capacitors are low ripple current indicators, the dynamic resistance is higher. Use capacitors instead of X capacitor, besides capacitance pressure cannot meet the standard, ripple current index can also be difficult to conform to the requirements.
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