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Safety capacitor main parameters have?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-28
Safety main parameters safety capacitors is one of the extensive use of electronic components in electronic equipment, widely used in every straight, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning, energy conversion circuit, control circuit, etc. Parameters are as follows: error: safety capacitor actual safety capacitance and the nominal safety deviation according to the error of capacitance, the scope of permissible deviation according to accuracy. Rated voltage, rated at low temperature and ambient temperature can add continuously in the safety of high dc capacitor voltage RMS, generally marked on the safety capacitor shell directly, if the working voltage is over safety of capacitor pressure safety capacitor breakdown, easy to damage. Insulation resistance: the dc voltage applied on the safety capacitance, and leakage current, the ratio of the two called insulation resistance. Like ceramic safety capacitors, film safety capacitor, insulation resistance is bigger is good, and aluminum electrolytic safety capacitance and insulation resistance is as small as possible. Time constant: in order to properly evaluate the insulation in large capacity safety capacitance and the introduction of the time constant, he is equal to the safety of the insulation resistance capacitance and the capacity of the product. Loss: safety capacitance under the effect of electric field, the internal energy consumed by a fever in unit time is called a loss. All kinds of safety capacitance specifies its loss value in a certain frequency range, safety capacitance loss is mainly composed of dielectric loss, the loss of conductivity and all safety capacitance caused by the resistance of the metal parts. Under the effect of dc field, the safety of capacitor loss to guide leakage loss of form, usually small, under the action of alternating electric field, safety capacitance loss is not only related to the leak guide, and associated with periodic polarization process. Frequency characteristics: with higher frequency, the general safety safety electric capacity of capacitor downward. Temperature coefficient: in a certain temperature range, temperature per 1 ℃, safety relative change of capacitance value. Temperature coefficient as small as possible. Safety capacitance discharge and capacitors, capacitors in the external power after disconnecting the charge will be kept for a long time, if touch will be electric, and safety capacitance is not the problem. Therefore, for security reasons and EMC consideration, general advice plus the entrance of the power supply safety capacitance. Safety capacitance parameter, safety capacitance, capacitance X, Y, safety capacitance of some main parameters error; Rated voltage. Insulation resistance; Time constant. Loss; Frequency characteristics, temperature coefficient, etc. , safety capacitance discharge and capacitors, capacitors in the external power after disconnecting the charge will be kept for a long time, if touch will be electric, and safety capacitance is not the problem. Safety capacitance is broken is there any impact safety means used in such situations, the capacitor failure after, will not cause electric shock, do not endanger personal safety it includes two types, that is, X and Y capacitors, capacitance is two line jumper in the power line (X L - N) The capacitance between, generally choose metal film capacitors; Y capacitor are respectively jumper in the power line between line and ground ( L - E, N - E) Capacitance, usually come in pairs. Based on the limitation of leakage current, capacitance value Y cannot too big, general level X capacitor is uF, Y capacitor is nF level. Capacitance differential mode interference suppression X, Y capacitor common-mode interference suppression. So after damage will only open not breakdown. Safety namely after safety certification of capacitors, through national authoritative organization test through the exchange capacity, products are national certification marks after failure, will not lead to electric shock, do not endanger personal safety.
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