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Safety capacitor have polarity

by:SMiLer     2021-02-28
Have any polarity 1 safety capacitor. We know first capacitor is made up of two metal pole, in the middle of the capacitance is a layer of insulating material, is medium. And safety capacitance is also depending on the insulating materials of the kinds of capacitor is different also, according to its structure can be divided into: fixed capacitor, capacitor, fine-tuning capacitance. According to the safety of capacitor dielectric materials, safety capacitance can be divided into: gas medium capacity, liquid dielectric capacitor, inorganic solid dielectric capacitor, organic solid dielectric capacitor, organic electrolytic capacitor solid medium. According to the safety of polarity of the capacitor can be divided into: polar and non-polar capacitors. So safety capacitance is negative. 2. The outside of the normal why capacitance is a thick white line, white line there is a minus sign is negative, whereas the other half is positive, at the time of measurement, according to the capacity of gear. If it is around 4700 pf, using 10 k file capacity again small table is very unpredictable. Measure the current method is to use two pens and contact with the two electrodes, respectively, to pay attention to at the time of each measure, must first capacitor discharge, resistance of pens and that is very positive. 3. Safety capacitance of the above is a logo, black for negative, capacitor on the PCB has two semicircle, and safety capacitance with color of semicircle of the corresponding pin is negative. Also some will be judged by the length of the pins are negative, generally long feet is positive, negative short feet. Safety capacitor, we all know the effect of capacitance is to cut off direct current in the circuit, through the role of alternating current (ac), so the capacitor is often used in interstage coupling, filter, decoupling, bypass and signal is tuned. And general safety capacitors are applied to the filter function of anti-jamming circuit, the power supply filter, safety capacitance power filtering effect, thus respectively to the common mode and differential mode interference filter.
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