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Safety capacitance and CCB capacitance difference in where

by:SMiLer     2021-03-01
CBB capacitor main characteristic: the performance similar to eps but small size, stability of slightly application: replace most of eps or mica capacitor, used in the circuit principle of polarity of high demand, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristic ( Wide frequency response) Small and medium loss. Based on the above advantages, so the film capacitor is widely used in analog circuit. Especially in the part of signal coupling, must use good frequency characteristic and low dielectric loss of capacitor, to ensure that the signal transmission, does not have the too big distortion occurs. High dielectric constant, small size, large capacity, better stability, suitable for the bypass capacitor. Polystyrene film capacitor, small dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, but the temperature coefficient is big, can be used in high frequency circuit. Safety capacitance safety refers to the capacitor failure after, will not cause electric shock, do not endanger the safety of the personal safety capacitor. Safety capacitors are usually only used in the filter function of anti-interference circuit. They are used in power supply filter, power filtering effect, respectively for common mode, differential mode interference filter. For safety and EMC consideration, general advice plus the entrance of the power supply safety capacitance. Safety capacitance discharge and capacitors, capacitors in the external power after disconnecting the charge will be kept for a long time, if touch will be electric, and safety capacitance is not the problem. In the ac power input, generally need to increase the three security capacitance to suppress the EMI conducted interference. The difference between the safety capacitance and CBB capacitor in the circuit of demanding, instead of the common polystyrene or mica capacitor CBB capacitance. This is mainly because compared with polystyrene capacitor CBB capacitance advantage on volume, less able to achieve the same performance. But in the process of the use of the CBB capacitance, also can appear MPK capacitor application scenario. But for many novice, want to distinguish the difference between these two kinds of capacitance on the usage of different is not too easy, this article will focus on in this, to introduce the CBB22 capacitance and MPK differences and usage of capacitance. Performance difference between using zinc aluminum film production and safety electrical capacitance. Characteristic is under dc withstand voltage ability. Aluminum membrane structure of the product is characterized by low loss than zinc aluminum film, under the high frequency ac withstand voltage ability is strong, but the dc withstand voltage ability than zinc aluminum film. Differences in usage CBB22 costs less than MKP, in many places, Almost all the places) On the electric properties under the condition of satisfy the dc withstand voltage can substitute for MKP. A half bridge circuit and two zero. The output power of 47 uf, under dc condition can approximate think power is zero. It's a simple ac power can be calculated, P = U * U/XC = U * U/( 1/2π fC) Type of U for the effective value of ac voltage, XC for capacitive reactance f for ac voltage U corresponding frequency, C is the capacity. But as for the different capacity of can withstand the power with reference to the following ac voltage and frequency according to the above formula. USES the difference between MKP capacitor is mainly used for EMI filter into line, CBB capacitance is mainly used for oscillation, coupling, resistance capacitance step-down circuit; CBB22 costs less than MKP, on the electric properties under the condition of satisfy the dc withstand voltage can substitute for MKP. Frequency have a problem is the problem frequencies. Induction cooker MKP capacitor with frequency ( 50千赫) Better, found in the electromagnetic induction half bridge circuit using the capacitance. And much more expensive than using CBB22, but choose CBB22 capacitance than 0 MKP capacitor. 47 uf. Up and down two MKP0 as useful. 47 ( 50千赫) Do 3000 w power output, and use the up and down the two CBB22 ( Each 3. 3UF) Do 3000 w, the two kind of reasonable usage? The power output key is to see on the capacitor voltage ( Mainly a. c. ) Discretion to determine, dc voltage, frequency, power capacitors on work cannot be confused with the concept of load power high and low, can't give a power to generalize. Through the study found that, capacitor close to the power transistor ( After the triode fever heat sink temperature over 115 ℃) on , using CBB22 capacitance prone to failure, while using MKP61 tend to be more safe. When we will capacitor with power transistor ( Heat source) After the distance increases, its CBB22 and MKP61 capacitor has no obvious difference.
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