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Pure capacitance circuit definition _ pure capacitance current and voltage

by:SMiLer     2021-01-19
Pure capacitance circuit definition pure capacitance circuit is only or capacitive components in the circuit, no other element resistance inductance, the whole circuit is of capacitance. Generally don't belong to pure capacitance circuit, the circuit of branch is more. Pure capacitance circuit power 1, instantaneous power for easy compare to pure inductance circuit power, visible, and pure inductance circuit, pure capacitance circuit instantaneous power is also according to the constantly changing, sometimes positive, sometimes to zero and sometimes negative. Is the maximum negative maximum for timing, also draw power capacitor, when negative capacitance release power. If the inductance of the power is positive, the capacitance of the power is negative, so the inductance of the power and the capacitance of the power to cancel each other out ( Compensation to each other) 。 2, reactive power: pure capacitance of maximum of instantaneous power called capacitance reactive power, use, said a or k units. Minus sign says inductance absorb electricity type, the capacitor discharge power, capacitance and inductance of the power properties instead. If only the size of the capacitive reactive power, the generally used calculation. 3, the average active power: example: the known a capacitance C = 127 mF, plus a sinusoidal ac voltage, please: ( 1) Capacitive reactance XC. ( 2) The current size of IC; ( 3) Pure capacitance current instantaneous value of current and voltage relationship why voltage hysteresis current? This is because the capacitor voltage between the two plate to 0, current biggest; Capacitor voltage between the two plate for maximum, current is zero.
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