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Prospects of capacitor industry in recent years

Prospects of capacitor industry in recent years


Capacitance industry definition and classification
  Capacitors are one of the indispensable main components in electronic equipment and are widely used in various fields. Since the localization of color TV sets, the capacitor industry in China has been growing rapidly, making positive contributions to the development of national economy and the modernization of national defense. With the continuous development of information technology and electronic equipment, capacitor demand will be released steadily, and the future is still promising.
Capacitors, resistors and inductors are three passive electronic components, which play the role of filtering, coupling, isolating dc and storing energy in the circuit. They are essential basic electronic components in the electronic circuit.

According to different application scope, capacitor products can be divided into military market, civil industrial market, civil consumer market. Military market mainly includes aerospace, weapons, electronic military, civil industrial market including rail transit, automotive electronics, precision instruments, and civil consumer market including digital cameras, smart phones, laptops, etc.
According to different manufacturing materials, capacitor products can be divided into ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors and thin film capacitors, etc. The above four categories of capacitors occupy more than 95% of the market share.
  Ceramic capacitors have the advantages of small size, low price and good high frequency characteristics. The advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitor are low cost, large capacitance, wide voltage range, etc. The advantages of tantalum electrolytic capacitors are long life, suitable for storage, low temperature, suitable for energy storage, low frequency bypass, power filtering, etc. The advantages of thin film capacitors are low loss, low impedance, high voltage resistance, etc.

Development history of capacitor industry
The rapid development of China's capacitor industry began in the 1980s, mainly driven by the localization of color TV sets. By the 1990s, China's mobile communication, electronic equipment and household appliances had taken off, and capacitors had obtained an unprecedented development opportunity. With rapid product update and iteration, the industrial chain was basically formed, and the enterprise's independent innovation ability was improved, gradually becoming a global power in capacitor production and export.
Capacitor market scale will exceed 100 billion yuan
According to the "2018-2023 China capacitor industry market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report" released by qianzhan industry research institute, at present, China has more than 600 capacitor factories of a certain scale, with capacitor sales up to 63.7 billion yuan. The capacitor market is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan by 2019, reaching 110.16 billion yuan.
Next, the capacitor industry should further enhance its independent innovation and comprehensive competitiveness, accelerate the upgrading of industrial structure, close to high-end products, and constantly eliminate backward production capacity, so as to realize the transformation from great strength to global power in capacitor production.

How to choose the future of capacitor industry?
Forward-looking network abstract:

With the economic globalization, the world electronic information complete machine manufacturing enterprises have set up factories in China, multinational companies purchase in China, plus the development of the original electronic information manufacturing industry in China, which further expanded the consumer market of capacitors in China.
The forecast and analysis report on the production and sales demand and investment of capacitor industry in China by qianzhan industry research institute shows that China's information industry has the foundation to develop to a higher level. With the further penetration of electronic information technology into the social and economic fields and the integration of more and more electronic technologies, the development of electronic information products is bound to be faster and faster, the market is further expanded, and the products develop along a road from meeting general needs to human needs, and then to personalized requirements. Chip, miniaturization, compound, high precision, high performance, good consistency, high reliability, zero defect is the development trend of electronic components in the world today. In order to adapt to this trend, the miniaturization and fragmentation of capacitors in China must be accelerated.

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