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Power compensation of capacitor compensation mode and the oil treatment

by:SMiLer     2021-02-10
Power compensation of capacitor compensation ways we know to use electric power capacitor reactive power compensation can be done, but in practice, power compensation of capacitor installation position is different, will play a different role. Then the power compensation of capacitor compensation means what? Concentrated compensation concentrated compensation refers to power compensation capacitor compensation in low voltage bus bar side of the transformer. The advantage of concentrated compensation is that power capacitor unified, easier to maintain and monitor. From the aspects of economic benefit, the concentrated compensation manageable, more suitable for business use. To compensate the compensation on the spot is to power compensation capacitor in parallel compensation mode in the vicinity of electrical equipment. To compensate the advantage is that together for capacitors and electric equipment, reactive delivers the won't happen. Enterprises generally in medium frequency furnace, mineral hot furnace, electric arc furnace, electric welding machine and other large power equipment used to compensate. At present, a lot of enterprise use compensation in the form of concentrated compensation only near the part of high power devices use to compensate. In general, concentrated compensation to solve the problem of the power factor of most enterprises. Power compensation capacitor oil processing methods to meet so many people don't know how to deal with after power compensation capacitor leakage, and have been entangled with the oil of power capacitor can also use, use what effect. Small library finishing processing method of the compensating capacitor leakage, and also for your reference. (1) for small oil leakage of condenser if power capacitor is only slight oil leakage, capacitor shell can be rust point after rub-up, paint again, can be put into use again. After put into use, should be checked regularly. (2) for the average oil if the capacitor power capacitor is in the oil, but not very serious. You can use the tin solder to repair electric power capacitor, electric power capacitor can be put into use after repair, but cannot run for a long time, avoid the accident. (3) for severe leak capacitor if power capacitor serious leak, should be timely to power capacitor run out. Because of the severe leak to cause a decline in the capacitor oil level, causing the breakdown, serious will cause power capacitor explosion.
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