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Power capacitor structure and function

by:SMiLer     2021-02-10
Power capacitor power capacitor structure basic structure includes: capacitance component, impregnant, fasteners, fuses, shell and tube. Diagram is shown in figure 1. Figure 1 compensation capacitor structure known as the low voltage capacitor under rated voltage 1 kv, is above 1 kv high-voltage capacitors, three triangles, sensors are made, the internal components in parallel, each element in parallel has a separate fuse; High voltage capacitor are generally made of single-phase, internal components in parallel. Shell with sealing plates welded together, core is composed of series parallel capacitance component, using aluminum foil as the electrode capacitance component, using insulation composite film. Underwear of capacitor insulating oil ( Mineral oil or dodecyl benzene, etc. ) As dipping medium. ( 1) Capacitive element with a certain thickness and layers of solid medium and rolled aluminium foil electrode. Several capacitance component in parallel and series, capacitor core. In high voltage capacitor voltage is 10 kv and below, each capacitor element string have a fuse, internal short circuit protection as a capacitor. When a component breakdown, other good components, namely the discharge, fast fuse in the millisecond time fuse, removal of fault component, so that the capacitor can continue to work normally. The structure of the capacitance component is shown in figure 2. Figure 2 capacitance element structure ( 2) Impregnant capacitor core generally put in impregnant, in order to improve the cell capacity of medium pressure strength, improve the conditions of partial discharge characteristic and heat dissipation. Impregnant in with mineral oil, chlorinated biphenyl, SF6 gas, etc. ( 3) Shell and tube shell is made of thin steel plate welded together commonly, surface, flame retardant paint cover shell welding wire casing, box side wall welding lifting climbing, grounding bolt, etc. Large capacity, collective of capacitor also is equipped with oil box cover pillow or metal expander and pressure relief valve, side walls is equipped with flake radiator, pressure type temperature control device, etc. Terminal from the qualification in the porcelain sleeve. Capacitor model meaning as shown in the figure below. 1 power capacitor action, the effect of series capacitor series capacitor concatenated in line, its action is as follows: ( 1) Improve the end of the line voltage. Series capacitor in the circuit, the use of the capacitive reactance xc compensating circuit inductance xl, reduce line voltage drop, so as to improve the end of the line ( By the end) Voltage, can be the end of the line voltage can improve the largest commonly 10% ~ 20%. ( 2) To reduce the voltage of the electric wave. When the line with electrical termination have changed a lot of impact load ( Such as arc furnace, electric welding machine, electric rail, etc. ) When the series capacitor can eliminate the sharp fluctuations in voltage. This is because the series capacitor compensation for voltage drop is in line with varies through the condenser load, varies with the change of the load and the performance of the instantaneous adjustment, can automatically maintain the load end ( By the end) The voltage value. ( 3) Improve line transmission ability. By line series capacitor compensation reactance xc, line voltage drop and power loss reduction, accordingly improve the line transport capacity. ( 4) To improve the current distribution system. Some lines in a closed network concatenated some capacitor, partly change the line reactance, made the current according to the specified line flow, to achieve the goal of economic power distribution. ( 5) To improve the stability of the system. After line series capacitor, improve the transmission capacity of lines, that in itself improve the static stability of the system. When line fault is partial nephrectomy ( As double circuit is removed one, but a single-phase grounding loop excision phase) Equivalent reactance, the system has increased dramatically, right now, will be forcibly series capacitor compensation, briefly, to change the number of capacitor in series, in parallel, a temporary increase in capacitive reactance xc, reduce system general equivalent reactance, increase the limit of transmission power ( Pmax = U1U2 / xl - xc) To improve dynamic stability of the system. 2, the role of parallel capacitor parallel capacitor in parallel on bus system, similar to a capacitive load on the system bus, it absorbs the capacitive reactive power of system, this is equivalent to parallel capacitor from perceptual reactive power to the system. Parallel capacitor, therefore, can provide the perceptual reactive power to the system, the power factor of system operation, improve the electrical terminal bus voltage level, at the same time, it reduces the perceptual reactive power transmission lines, reduce the voltage and power loss, thus increasing the transmission capacity of lines.
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