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Power capacitor model description and commonly used model

by:SMiLer     2021-02-11
Power capacitor model shows that with the continuous development of reactive power compensation, more and more enterprises realize the importance of reactive power compensation, using low voltage parallel capacitor compensation in succession. But the models available in the market is various, it's hard to get to know each product. So small library will introduce, common power capacitor type on the market, as well as details of interpretation. Power capacitor model is usually composed of part 'letters' and 'part number'. The meaning of part 1, the letter said series code: 1) using products of A representative filtering type electric power capacitor, B on behalf of the power capacitor in parallel. Fillings: Z represents oil, vegetable oil, S represent half dry, microcrystalline wax, K is our dry, silicone oil. Interelectrode dielectric: Michael Jackson on behalf of metallized film (2) use company letter part of the code says this kind of capacitor has no special meaning, only in order to distinguish between capacitor manufacturer. Such as schneider for BLRCS, ABB for CLMD and Qcap, cook cooper CKKB, novartis companies DL2D and SL2D and so on. 2, the meaning of the digital part of the power capacitor models of the digital part of rated voltage, rated capacity, phase number. Such as 480 - 30 - 3 is the rated voltage of 480 v, rated capacity of 30 kvar three-phase capacitor. Can have other code part behind the power capacitor model, the manufacturer shall prevail. Commonly used models and main use power capacitor.
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