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Polyester capacitor type and function

by:SMiLer     2021-02-19
A wide range of polyester type polyester capacitors, according to the can of regulatory can be divided into fixed capacitor, fine-tuning capacitor, variable capacitor three; According to the medium with gas medium, inorganic solid medium, organic solid medium, electrolytic medium, such as liquid medium and complex medium capacitors. Among them: gas condenser includes air, vacuum, inflatable capacitor; Inorganic solid capacitors including mica, ceramic and glass glaze capacitor; The organic solid capacitors including organic film and paper capacitor; Electrolytic capacitor consists of aluminum electrolysis, niobium and tantalum electrolytic capacitor electrolysis; Liquid dielectric capacitor includes a variety of organic oil and liquid capacitor; Composite dielectric capacitor including organic compound, inorganic compound, solid solid made of organic and inorganic solid composite solid capacitors. In market applications are mainly three types of capacitors: ceramics capacitors, film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors. The three types of capacitor accounts for over 99% of the market volume. Polyester capacitor characteristics 1. Small volume, light weight; 2. Good stability, high reliability; 3. Leads directly welded to electrodes, low loss; 4. Inductive construction, polyester film and epoxy resin coating. Polyester capacitor role polyester capacitor is medium polyester basic components of electronic products, in all kinds of dc or low frequency pulse circuits. Polyester capacitor high dielectric constant, small volume, large capacity, good stability, is suitable the bypass capacitor; Price ratio and volume ratio capacity is greater than the electrolytic capacitor, ceramics capacitors. Polyester capacitor, was once the most widely used device in the electronic circuit. Open the past old radio, polyester capacitor everywhere. Now, the basic has been replaced by the film capacitor. As for the role, and that there is too much: filtering, blocking, coupling, oscillation, in parallel to increase capacity, tandem capacity can be adjusted.
have manifold ac motor capacitor effects, ranging from dual start capacitor to compressor start capacitor.
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