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Polyester capacitor purposes and characteristics

by:SMiLer     2021-02-20
Speaking of polyester capacitor, is actually made from two pieces of metal foil electrodes, caught in a very thin dielectric, rolled into a cylinder or flat cylindrical core, medium is polyester, polyester capacitor dielectric constant is higher, small size, large capacity, good stability, suitable for the bypass capacitor. Today to introduce the polyester capacitor under the purposes and characteristics. Polyester capacitor is introduced polyester capacitor is medium polyester basic components of electronic products, in all kinds of dc or low frequency pulse circuits. Polyester capacitor high dielectric constant, small volume, large capacity, good stability, is suitable the bypass capacitor; Price ratio and volume ratio capacity is greater than the electrolytic capacitor, ceramics capacitors. Polyester capacitor used in all kinds of dc or low frequency pulse circuits, suitable for use as the bypass capacitor. Polyester capacitor is essential to electronics and a basic element, ACTS as a filter, oscillation in the circuit, power supply decoupling, by-pass and coupling of pulse signal, etc. The simplest structure of polyester capacitor can be made up of two metal plates sandwiching a layer of insulating medium. In two metal plates ( Plate) Add a voltage, between plate can store charge. The size of the storage charge and the voltage between plate and plate area ( Capacity) Direct proportion, and is inversely proportional to the distance between the plates. Effect of polyester capacitor is indispensable a basic element of electronic products, ACTS as a filter, oscillation in the circuit, power supply decoupling, by-pass and coupling of pulse signal, etc. 1. Advantages: the precision of the thin film capacitors, loss, insulation resistance, temperature characteristic, reliability, and to adapt to the environment indicators are better than that of the electrolytic capacitor, two kinds of capacitance of the ceramics. 2. Disadvantages: polyester capacitor capacity price ratio and capacity volume ratio is greater than the above two kinds of capacitance. 3, use: polyester capacitor in all kinds of dc or low frequency pulse circuits. Suitable for use as the bypass capacitor. In theory, The assumption capacitance is pure capacitance) Said, the greater the capacitance, impedance is smaller, by the higher the frequency also. But in fact more than 1 u F capacitance mostly for electrolytic capacitors, has a large inductance component, so after high frequency impedance increases. Sometimes see a larger capacitance electrolytic capacitor in parallel with a small capacitance, the large capacitor filter low frequency, small capacitance filter high frequency. The role of the capacitance is ac dc insulation, high frequency resistance at low frequency. The greater the capacitance high-frequency easier to pass. Specific use in filtering, large capacitance, 1000μF) Filter the low frequency, small capacitance ( 20 pf) High frequency filter. Have net friend vividly compared filter capacitance to 'pool'. Due to the inability of the ends of the capacitor voltage mutation, therefore, the higher the signal frequency, the greater the attenuation, can say very image of the capacitance is like a pool, not caused by the addition of a few drops of water or the evaporation of water. It changes the voltage changes into current, the higher the frequency, the greater the peak current, so as to buffer the voltage. Filtering is charging and discharging process.
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