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Polyester capacitor in general use in where?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-20
Polyester capacitor in general use in where? A variety of products are widely used in various industries on the electrical equipment of: electric power, petrochemical industry, automatic control, machinery, ships, railway transportation, communication, building automation, etc. Polyester capacitor, was once the most widely used device in the electronic circuit. Open the past old radio, polyester capacitor everywhere. Now, the basic has been replaced by the film capacitor. As for the role, and that there is too much: filtering, blocking, coupling, oscillation, in parallel to increase capacity, tandem capacity can be adjusted. Is polyester capacitor CBB capacitor? There is a difference between the two! Polyester capacitor and polyester capacitor symbol for CL, electric capacity of 40 p - general - 4 mu, rated voltage 63 - - Large capacity of 630 v, the main characteristics of small volume heat resistant to wet but poor stability generally used in stability and loss of high frequency circuit. Polypropylene capacitor CBB capacitance, capacitance general p - 1000 - 10 mu, rated voltage: 63 - 2000 v main features small volume, good stability is the most, can replace most of polystyrene or mica capacitor, used in circuit of high demand. Parameter identification of foreign capacitor pressure value often use letters to represent the base, base of common code and corresponding relation is: A: 1. 0; B: 1。 25. C: 1。 6; D: 2。 0; 艾凡:2。 5; F: 3。 15. G4。 0; H:5. 0; J:6. 3; K:8. 0; Z:9. 0; Number of letters in front of the said 10 power, 2 a, for example, is the 102 * 1. 0 = 100 v, 2 c for 102 * 1. 6 = 160 v, and so on. Behind the withstand voltage value of letters capacitance, the unit of pF. For example 823 said capacity is 82 * 10 ^ 3 = 82000 pf, said 22 224 * 104 = 220000 pf = 0. 22μF; The last letter precision, such as deviation of plus or minus 5% allowed J said capacity, and so on. Typical capacitance identification example: 2 a823j 82000 plus or minus 5% pf, withstand voltage 100 v.
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