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Parallel capacitor group of form a complete set of equipment and application technology

by:SMiLer     2021-02-23
Of high voltage parallel capacitor group supporting device breaker, serial reactor, discharging device, zinc oxide lightning arrester and the electrical characteristics of fuse and configuration problems in practical application. Supporting device of high voltage parallel capacitor group, including cast, cut capacitor Banks with the breaker, serial reactor, discharging device, zinc oxide lightning arrester and fuse, etc. In the installation, operation and test of capacitor Banks, must fully understand the organic connection between them and mutual relationship, electrical properties and technical standards, in practice, rational allocation and effective coordination, in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, systems and personal. A circuit breaker in the application of high voltage parallel capacitor group capacitor in the power grid operation mode, with the change of reactive load and the grid voltage and change, therefore capacitor Banks with the operation of the circuit breaker is more frequent, therefore must solve two problems: (1) when switching frequency and high amplitude of the switching overvoltage flow brings to the circuit breaker, mechanical stress and mechanical vibration; (2) open circuit, the electric arc reigniting blow for circuit breaker and other circuit equipment through the voltage and insulation. So the parallel capacitor besides should satisfy the general technical performance and requirements, also must satisfy the following requirements: (1) switch, contactor should not have obvious bounce and vibration; (2) when the brake is not allowed to have caused serious arc reigniting the breakdown of overvoltage; (3) should be bear tolerance switching inrush current; (4) often cast, cut the circuit breaker should have the ability to withstand frequent operation. According to the current domestic production situation of circuit breaker, to meet the requirements of the above four at the same time, there are difficulties, such as vacuum circuit breaker while suitable for frequent operation requirements, but closing bounce and rekindle problems, must be equipped with zinc oxide lightning arrester to prevent, and reactor with series to reduce switching overvoltage flow ratio. Visible, the application of the circuit breaker in the capacitor group is unable to complete the open circuit of independent tasks, there must be other form a complete set of equipment for compensatory to cooperate. 2 series reactor in the application of high voltage parallel capacitor group in order to limit the flow in the process of switching capacitor, the influence of the operating over-voltage and power grid harmonic on the capacitor, generally should distinguish the specific circumstances, high-capacity capacitor reactor with series. Its role as follows: (1) reduce the capacitor combination lock flow ratio and flow frequency; (2) reduce power capacitor caused by high order harmonic load; (3) reduce the capacitor Banks with circuit breaker in the two pictures of inrush current and arcing when burning; (4) inhibition of a group of capacitor failure, other capacitor groups on its short-circuit current; (5) inhibition of capacitor circuit of higher harmonic and harmonic overvoltage. Visible, the importance of the safe operation of the reactor with series of capacitance was completed successfully on the circuit breaker and the necessity of open tasks. But in practice, whether the reactor with series, but also according to the grouping of capacitor and the installation location of the specific circumstances. Such as installed on the distribution line 35 kv rural substation busbar of capacitor Banks, capacity is small, mostly under 2000 kvar, generally there is no need to add serial reactor. But must in the following cases, the reactor with series: (1) the adoption of 'delta' connection capacitor group; (2) installed in a substation capacity larger capacitor group; (3) substation is equipped with two sets of the above and frequently for capacitor group; (4) with capacitor was put into harmonic phenomenon or capacitor caused by harmonic load, etc. Summarizes the specific choice of reason in the fuse applications, should consider two aspects of technology and economic balance, according to the specific situation.
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