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Parallel capacitor compensation mode

by:SMiLer     2021-02-24
The reactive power compensation approach is divided into two kinds of compensation and dispersion compensation. Concentrated compensation is to reactive power compensation device ( Power capacitor group) Not in the total distribution equipment or shunt power distribution device for compensation, the compensation mode is suitable for the load power is not big number and more power, the advantage of concentrated compensation is not only economic convenient and easy to maintain, but also can accurately determine the total compensation capacitance; Individual compensation, dispersion compensation and called is to compensation device respectively in each load control device, a way of compensation, usually applies to a relatively high power load compensation. Lighting to life as the main body of the distribution area of the compensation way for integrated transformer capacity in 100 kv a. and below, with life lighting is given priority to, more than 10 kw motor quantity is less, and the utilization rate is not high courts, except for motor immediately corresponding compensation, should adopt the way of concentrated compensation. In power as the main body of the distribution area of the compensation way for integrated transformer capacity above 100 kv a. , to power as the main body, electricity load larger area, had better use the way of dispersion compensation. After using dispersion compensation, if the power factor is lower, you should immediately in compensation by low concentration on the basis of compensation, if conditions permit, the area of low concentration had better use the low voltage parallel capacitor compensation automatic compensation of complete sets of equipment. Irrigation and drainage as the main body of the motor in the rural areas distribution area of the compensation for rural distribution area as the main body of irrigation and drainage motor generally set up near the village or in the field, capacity under 100 kv a. and mostly, for this kind of area, had better use and compensation way. In a word, for the low voltage reactive power compensation mode should be selected will be subject to the principle of 'reactive power on the balance', according to the priority dispersion compensation, if the dispersion compensation can not meet the requirements, then choose the order of the low-voltage centralized compensation, determine the way of reactive compensation. The purpose of the installation of shunt capacitor parallel capacitor is connected in parallel in power system, the capacitive load acting is similar to the system is mainly used to compensate reactive power of electric power system load, in order to improve the power factor of system, reduce the line loss, improve power quality, can also directly with asynchronous motor stator windings in parallel, a self-excited running asynchronous generators. Below we analyze the parallel capacitor installation simple purpose: 1, the perceptual load due to the electric equipment can improve the power factor, reactive load is bigger. In order to satisfy the normal operation of the equipment, distribution transformer provides reactive current is larger. The electricity equipment overheating phenomenon, under threat to the safe operation of electrical equipment. 2, can reduce the loss of line usually conveying the voltage loss is proportional to the impedance of electric equipment, when reducing transformer series, increase the line section, using the cable power supply, follow the appropriate adjustment of capacitor load change access capacity, can reduce the voltage loss, to achieve the effect of voltage deviation range. 3, can filter high frequency signal to filter the high frequency signal circuit, the shunt capacitor after the total capacity is equal to them together, but the effect is better than using a capacitance, because can reduce the distribution inductance, high capacity of the filtration effect of high frequency signals. 4, easy to use parallel capacitor reactive power compensation, and to the power grid, when the capacitor because of equipment malfunction, removed does not affect the system power supply.
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