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PA- Cap polymer solid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-03-10
PA- Cap polymer solid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor using the guidelines in order to ensure the capacitor and stable quality, and give full play to its performance, before use, please be sure to read the following guidelines: 1. Polarity PA - Cap polymer solid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a polarity. So to confirm before use, do not misplaced polarity polarity. If the wrong polarity, not only will cause the leakage current increases, even a short circuit. 2. Don't exceed rated voltage voltage working voltage, or increased leakage current, may be due to internal heat up and damage the capacitor. Dc voltage and ripple voltage peak shall not exceed the sum of the rated voltage. 3. Temperature should be used at the rated temperature range, if beyond the temperature range can lead to electrical characteristics, potential damage that may result in capacitor failure. Should not only pay attention to the environment temperature when using, but also raise the temperature of the component itself may lead to. 4. Ripple current to be used within the scope of permissible ripple current. Ripple current exceeds rating, can cause fever, capacitor leakage current increase, reduce the service life. 5. Of capacitor storage capacitor on moisture and sunshine can't direct deposit environment, storage environment temperature by 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity below 60% RH. The moisture sensitivity level ( 水分敏感级别) :3级。 To maintain good welding performance, please in the condition of the company's factory storage capacitor, and as far as possible in a finished after opening, such as a rest, please put back into the bag, with duct tape in kaifeng area. Capacitor stored more than 2 years, should be dried before use, and press the 1 k Ω/V series resistance, gradually applied dc voltage to the rated voltage, rated voltage for 1 hour, and then use. 6. Capacitor measures the impact caused by rapid charging and discharging current will cause the leakage current increase, even short circuit, capacitor leakage current measurement for this list, please pick up 1 k Ω protection resistance and gradually applied to the rated voltage, the test before the other parameters should be 1 k concatenated Ω resistance measured again after fully discharge the capacitor. 7. Capacitor installation recommended bonding pad size: PA - Cap polymer solid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor is suitable for reflow soldering. Recommend a welding curve as shown in figure: recommend a lead-free soldering curve as shown in figure: when using electric welding, welding head do not touching the capacitor shell, should guarantee the welding head temperature below 350 ℃, time not more than 3 seconds. Before installation, make sure the capacitor pin size and substrate design size is matched. When installation don't deform the capacitor pin, don't apply too force, otherwise it will seriously affect the performance of capacitor, even damage the capacitor. When the capacitor has been welded on the PCB after, not with strong external force on the move. In addition, don't repeat reflow soldering for more than two times. 8. Capacitor should avoid to use (in the following circumstances 1) Direct contact with the water, salt water or oil. ( 2) Exposure to direct sunlight; ( 3) High temperature or humid environment; ( 4) Full of harmful chemical gas; ( 5) Acid and alkali environment; ( 6) Excessive vibration or shock environment
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