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Multimeter use to judge capacitor quality method

by:SMiLer     2021-02-11
Multimeter use to judge quality of capacitor method electrolytic capacitor size, usually use multimeter R * 10 x 100, R, R * 1 k block test judgment. Red, black pens and respectively by capacitor anode ( Before each test, the capacitor discharge) must be And judging by the deflection of something capacitor quality. If something quickly to the right set up, then slowly back to the left in situ, capacitor is generally good. If the clock set up after no longer rotating, the capacitor has breakdown. If the clock set up after the stop gradually return to a position, then capacitor have leakage. If the clock set up, the electrolyte capacitor has dried up lost capacity. Some capacitor leakage, use the above method is difficult to accurately judge the good or bad. When the pressure value is greater than the multimeter in battery voltage value of capacitor, according to the electrolytic capacitor is small leakage current when charging, the characteristics of leakage current when reverse charge, R x 10 k block, can be used to reverse the capacitor charging, whose hands resting place to observe whether stable ( The reverse leakage current is constant) , the capacitor quality, accuracy is higher. Black pens and capacitor anode, red pens and capacitor of the anode, the clock set up quickly, then gradually receded to stay somewhere, then capacitor is good, whose hands stay in one position that instability or stay and then slowly to the right of capacitor have leakage, cannot continue to use. Whose hands usually stay and stable in the range of 50-200 - k scale.
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