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Monolithic how reading _ monolithic capacitors pressure value is how much?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-17
Said to monolithic capacitors capacitance value recognition, to understand the monolithic monolithic capacitors is multilayer ceramic capacitor's nickname, also called layer capacitor. English name monolithic ceramic capacitor or mulTI - Layer ceramic capacitor, MLCC for short. Monolithic capacitors is the chief drawback of temperature coefficient is very high, do the oscillator steady drift to bear. Monolithic capacitors: the characteristics of large capacity, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitance, resistance to high temperature and wet resistance good, etc. Application: widely used in precision instruments. All sorts of small electronic equipment for resonance, coupling, filtering, by-pass. Monolithic capacitor capacity range: 0. 5 pf - - 1 uf pressure: 2 times rated voltage. Capacitor error precision value code identification method: capacitance error value A: - 0 + 5%﹑J: ± 5%﹑K: ± 10%﹑M: ± 20%﹑Z: - 20% + 50% condenser pressure value marking methods: capacitive pressure such as: 16 v, 25 v, 35 v, 50 v, 63 v, 100 v, 160 v, 250 v, 400 v, 630 v, 1000 v, 1250 v, 2000 v, 3000 v to a higher pressure, the actual capacitance some capacitor voltage value only write 1250 don't write 1250 v. The vertical condenser pressure outside the company said recognition methods: note: character code that effective number of English letters. English letters before the Arab figures show that the order of magnitude. 1 say 101-10, 2 said 10, 3 said 10 or 1000 of 100. Example: 2 j222j meaning is withstand voltage 630 v capacity of 2200 p precision & plusmn; 5% in such as: 2 g473k implication is withstand voltage 400 v capacitor has a capacity of 0. 047μ Accuracy of f & plusmn; 10% monolithic capacitors capacitance value recognition method, said: with power number 10 + 10 = 10 p101 10 + 0 = 100 p102 10 + 00 = 1000 p103 10 + 000 = 0. 01104 10 + 0000 = 0. 1105 10 + 00000 = 1μ 。 Monolithic capacitor voltage value is how much of any electronic components are of a certain pressure value, especially for monolithic capacitors, monolithic capacitors pressure value is very important. This determines the capacitance can meet the needs of actual voltage. Then the monolithic capacitor voltage value is how much, how to know? Actually for this problem, in the development of electronic industry have been solved thoroughly. That is by examining the way to understand, or can be learned through identifying the size of the pressure value. Understand the way the monolithic capacitor voltage value is how much. That is using pressure tester, this kind of product is also called electrical insulation strength tester, or dielectric strength tester, also have said dielectric breakdown device, dielectric strength tester breakdown device, experimental apparatus of high pressure and high pressure, pressure tester and so on. Would impose on a specified ac or dc high voltage electric charged part and the live part ( General shell) To check electrical insulation between the ability to can withstand the pressure test. Electrical appliances in the long-term work, should not only bear the role of the rated working voltage, also cause a short period of time in the process of operation under higher than the rated working voltage of overvoltage ( Overvoltage value may be higher than the rated working voltage of several times) 。 Under the action of the voltage, the internal structure of electrical insulating materials are changing. When the overvoltage strength reaches a certain value, it can make the insulation breakdown of materials, electrical appliances will not be able to run normally, the operator could get an electric shock, endanger personal safety. Electrical safety main test indexes including ac/dc voltage, insulation resistance and leakage current, grounding resistance, etc. Ac/dc withstand voltage test is used to test the product in the actual work condition of electrical safety performance, is one of the important indexes of electrical safety performance test equipment. Seen on the market at present the hipot tester adopts GB4706 ( Equivalent IEC1010) Standard, use more is table structure of single index testing instrument, can't meet the needs of the user needs to multi-index comprehensive test; And the hipot tester on the market at present is one of the traditional test methods, test precision is not high, and the adopted technology of the main performance indicators has a certain gap with foreign advanced level, the can't completely meet the current development of the need of the electrical safety performance test. So the conform to the latest international standards for the use of advanced technology and has better performance of withstand voltage test system is of great significance. Monolithic capacitor voltage value is how much? Want to get more accurate data, so might as well use pressure tester, so can make results more accurate. Especially for some capacitance logo displays are not clear this method can be used to detect, in order to aid in the choose and buy of accurate equivalent stress value of capacitance.
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