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Monolithic capacitors have is negative

by:SMiLer     2021-02-15
Monolithic capacitors have is negative capacitance according to the presence of large amount of polarity can be divided into categories, the so-called polar is refers to has the branch is negative. Nonpolar nature is no is negative capacitance. Due to the importance of is negative, so you must know how to recognize different capacitance is negative, otherwise it will cause the reverse phenomenon, and even explode. The monolithic capacitors have polarity? Monolithic capacitor and ceramics capacitors are non-polarity capacitance, for polar capacitor, if don't know if it is negative, can through the following methods to identify. We all know that only the positive power of the electrolytic capacitor is ( When electricity is black pens and) And the negative termination power negative ( When electricity is red pens and) , electrolytic capacitor leakage current is small ( Leakage resistance) 。 On the contrary, the electrolytic capacitor leakage current increase ( Leakage resistance decrease) 。 When measuring, suppose a very first '+', let its black pens and connect with multimeter, another electrode red pens and connect with multimeter, take note of the clock stopped scale ( The clock is great value on the left) And then the capacitor discharge ( Both two fuses touch) , two pens and switch and measure again. The location of the two measurement, whose hands finally stay (on the left Resistance) The black pens and pick up is electrolytic capacitor anode. Measurement when had better choose 100 or R * R * 1 k. In addition, direct plug-in polarity capacitor is negative in the general case is long feet is positive, short feet is negative, but may also be others had to cut short the long, accurate, so in order to use the following method. Usually in gray part generally there are two rectangular box, so next to the grey part of the recent pin is negative, this is the most accurate judgment, and will not go wrong, it is recommended to use this method! Monolithic capacitor characteristics and function characteristics: good temperature characteristic, good frequency characteristic. A capacitor with higher frequency, electric capacity decline in law, monolithic capacitor drop less, capacity is stable. Function: 1, exchange of energy storage which is the most basic function, monolithic capacitors mainly through its charging and discharging process to produce and cast a electricity. This is mainly based on the large capacity of Ⅱ class monolithic capacitor is given priority to, in some cases can even replace the small aluminum electrolytic capacitor and tantalum electrolytic capacitor. 2, every direct pay ( The bypass and coupling) Due to the monolithic capacitors is not a guide with perfect, it is through the communication to regularly and reflects on both ends of the electric phenomenon, therefore, it can with other components in the circuit in parallel, through communication, and dc are blocked off, have the effect of the bypass. In ac circuits, monolithic capacitors with polarity of the input signal to carry on the charge and discharge, thus make the connection at the ends of the monolithic capacitor circuit conduction state, have the effect of coupling. In general, and amplifier, or op-amp input end connected monolithic capacitors for coupling monolithic capacitor; And amplifier, or op-amp emitter connected monolithic capacitors for bypass monolithic capacitors. Both with Ⅱ kind of monolithic capacitor is given priority to, especially in the 0. 1 uf  capacitance in the majority. 3, frequency filtering in ac circuits, for more than a mixed signal frequency, we can use the monolithic capacitor separate part of it, in general, we can use a reasonable capacitance monolithic capacitors will filter out most of the low frequency signal. This major is given priority to with high frequency or uhf monolithic capacitors. 4, inhibition of surge voltage due to the monolithic capacitors is an energy storage element, therefore, in the circuit, it can remove those brief surge pulse signal, can also absorb circuit of voltage fluctuations in the excess energy. Filtering are mainly composed of high frequency products. More wonderful reading: what do you think monolithic capacitor numerical monolithic capacitance parameter _ monolithic capacitor and tantalum capacitor distinguish the difference between monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors monolithic capacitor fault judgment
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