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Monolithic capacitor manufacturing process

by:SMiLer     2021-02-18
With the rapid development of electronic industry, as electronic components, monolithic capacitors at home and abroad market demand is becoming more and more big, it has wide temperature range, small size, wide capacitance, high rated voltage, small dielectric loss, good high frequency characteristics, to adapt to the wide range of characteristics such as popular with the major manufacturers. So what is the monolithic capacitors of? How is made? Monolithic capacitor is a nickname of multilayer ceramic capacitors, monolithic capacitors were titanium niobium magnesium lead acid and calcium compound type compounds as the main raw material, made of pulp, rolling film, extrusion or LiuYanFa green ceramic film formation, and then through baking, printing electrode, laminated, cutting, end electrode coating, sintering and into. It is composed of inner electrode, SN, NI, end electrode, external divided into end electrode, ceramic, high strength ceramic dielectric medium, ceramic medium, the electrode, the coating composition. In the 80 s in China has been the introduction of monolithic capacitor production technology from the United States, the number of high-level, high pressure, high reliable product performance with the advanced countries in the world there is still a big gap between, but fortunately, the performance and reliability of conventional capacitors, and advanced countries in the world have been the same. Monolithic capacitor manufacturing production process is a very complicated process, for raw materials, production technology, equipment, precision, production environment, production technicians have strict requirements. Monolithic capacitor production process is roughly as follows: first, porcelain pulp manufacturing and preparation, and then stretch film, then the screen dieyin, recompression cutting, then glue and firing knot, chamfering and nondestructive flaw detection, burn silver seal section, electroplating and voltage, and then test to select the good, and then continue to nondestructive flaw detection, to choose a good stability, reliability, test, quality products can packaging warehousing. The production process is very complex, process is probably so. Monolithic capacitor manufacturing process monolithic capacitors as multilayer chip capacitor, demanding in the manufacturing process of dust-free environment, the main steps: 1) porcelain membrane forming: this section contains ingredients ball mill as well as the flow along, will paste paste evenly coated on thin film; (2) printing: the electrode material in accordance with the established rules after printing to flow along the paste slurry, the purpose is to make the electrode dislocation; Stack (3) : to print good electrode flow along the slurry block according to the value of different stacking, formed the monolithic capacitor prototypes; (4) equalizer: monolithic capacitor prototype body of stacked after together; (5) cutting: capacitance prototype cutting into monomer; 6. Stripping: using high temperature method to remove the oxygen content in raw materials of adhesive; All landowners sintering: adopting the high temperature burn into ceramic material of ceramic powder and ceramic particles formed;
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