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Monolithic capacitor fault judgment

by:SMiLer     2022-01-11
Monolithic capacitor failure diagnosis had always thought not like electrolytic capacitor, monolithic capacitor electrolyte dry failure and decrease the capacity, always thinking about it in the rule under the condition of using basically there is no full of doubt, although present before the beautiful fan remote failure because the step-down capacitance decline, only thinking of beauty with capacitance quality question, no probe. Do the high frequency welding machine, inverter board some have found in homework 'la, la, la' vision of the ring, start thinking of is the high temperature heat bilges cold shrink caused, it is no doubt that CBB capacitor, CBB capacitance is due to my with German WIMA disassembly parts, imported famous brand. Discovered, repeated experiments, close to the WIMA CBB capacitance, the sound of the 'la, la' sound is typical of the CBB discharge of self-healing ring, loud and frequent. Immediately for CBB capacitor capacity and withstand voltage test, found that basically in the range of the nominal capacity from 3. 2 ~ 3. 3 uf, the nominal is 3. 3 uf, and about 600 v dc withstand voltage test of nominal, high voltage test apparatus the best only reached 500 v, many are presented in the 300 v discharge self-healing, fierce also presented 'la, la' voices. From the perspective of the data of experiment, the same type of mechanical and electrical capacity, capacity of the lower, the lower the pressure, the higher capacity, the higher the pressure, the said clear, discharge self-healing damaged capacitor metalized surface area, decrease the capacity. After dismantling, found that the monolithic capacitor outer surface damage is very fierce, just a piece of the discharge of the damage, the more to the inside, the more is better, this maybe with the outer packing seal, water vapor to enter. Find all sorts of views of the Internet, thought the CBB capacitance homework for a long period of time, cause the transpiration of the metallized coating then narrowed the capacity, if the operation of high temperature contrast, will cause the metallized coating drops. Failure, from the point of these trials, the monolithic capacitor capacity fell, the pressure drop are the following: 1, the capacitance not sealed, the water vapor into cause oxidation, pressure drop. 2, instant current is too large for a long time, the voltage is too high, the internal discharge self-healing capacity declined. 3, high load operation for a long time, metal coating of transpiration capacity declined. Processing method is as follows: 1, buy famous brand capacitors, monolithic capacitors have to ensure that the quality. 2, all may use the same high standards of, for example the X2 safety capacitor is usually nominal 275 vac, but in fact, in a flash test on 1 kv are acceptable, the quality is very good, in the mechanical and electrical capacitance, safety capacitance whether high pressure test is still the physical decomposition are very beautiful. 3, reasonable pressure sensitive resistance in parallel, avoid impulse voltage is too high, I heard that this method useful contrast, conditional drop suddenly current, usually within the range that permits, series resistance. Monolithic capacitor failure reason analysis of the cause of monolithic capacitor failure is as follows: 1) Dielectric breakdown ( Not self-healing) ; 2) Dielectric material due to factors such as environment, temperature change; 3) Internal loop, terminal fracture and damage. One is for electronic circuit capacitor in addition to the above reasons, overpressure can also lead to failure, so the good quality of monolithic capacitors is very important, good temperature characteristics of monolithic capacitors, good frequency characteristic, a capacitor with higher frequency, electric capacity decline in law, monolithic capacitors drop less, capacity is stable. More wonderful reading: monolithic capacitors have numerical monolithic capacitors are negative? What monolithic capacitor think parameter _ monolithic capacitor and tantalum capacitor is the difference between difference between monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors
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