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Monolithic capacitance parameter _ monolithic capacitor and tantalum capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-02-18
Monolithic capacitor parameters in recent years, with the rapid development of electronic products, the demand of capacitor is also constantly increasing trend up. Under this trend, inevitably led to rising sales of different capacitance. And monolithic capacitor is one of them, with the rise in sales, presents the type and brand on the market also gradually increasing. Want to choose accurate monolithic capacitors, must according to the related parameters of capacitance will choose. As small make up to share the monolithic capacitance parameter of the explanation is introduced. Monolithic capacitor parameters is introduced in the most important thing is to pressure value, also is it able to withstand the pressure of the size, choose a different pressure values according to different occasions to better play to its performance. Second is the capacity, the nominal capacitance is marked on the capacitor capacitance. Capacitor is the basic unit of ferrari, method (for short F) , however, this unit is too big, rarely used in the field label. The second is the margin of error. Actual capacitance of capacitor and the deviation of nominal capacitance error, the allowable deviation range according to accuracy. Precision grade and allowed error corresponding relationship: 00 ( 01) - ±1%、0( 02) - ±2%、Ⅰ- ±5%、Ⅱ- ±10%、Ⅲ- ±20%、 Ⅳ- ( + 20% - 10%) , Ⅴ - ( + 50% - 20%) , Ⅵ - ( + 50% - 30%) 。 General capacitor common Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ level, electrolytic capacitor with Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Ⅵ level, according to the purpose. In addition is rated voltage. At the lowest temperature and the rated ambient temperature can add continuously in the highest dc capacitor voltage RMS, generally marked on the capacitor shell directly, if the working voltage over the capacitor pressure, condenser breakdown, caused irreparable damage. Temperature characteristic is also an important key, usually to 20 degrees Celsius temperature of the electric capacity and the temperature of electric capacity percentage. Monolithic capacitor and tantalum capacitor difference used in the manufacture of monolithic capacitor and the structure of the tantalum capacitor technology and material are totally different, but the basic application is still the same place. Capacity in 0. 1 - 22 u F within the scope of the capacitor is mainly used in digital circuit of decoupling and feel secure. As a power supply, no matter in the digital circuit switch, auxiliary power capacitor to keep, DC) Dc voltage constant. Capacitor also play the role of a simple, unipolar filter, which can be used to connect other components ( The resistance and inductance) Higher order about wave circuit. Tantalum capacitor and ceramic capacitor are two kinds of capacitors, they have many different features. Monolithic capacitor room is simple the basic structure of the parallel plate capacitor is by the middle of an insulating dielectric layer and two conductive metal electrodes. The structure of the multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, therefore, mainly includes three parts: ceramic dielectric, inside the metal electrodes, outside the metal electrode. And multilayer chip ceramic capacitors, it is a multi-layer composite structure, simply say that it is composed of multiple simple and couplet body of parallel plate capacitor. Tantalum capacitor, full name is the tantalum electrolytic capacitor, also belong to a kind of electrolytic capacitor, due to the use of metal tantalum do medium, do not need to use of normal electrolytic capacitor electrolyte, in addition, like ordinary electrolytic capacitor tantalum capacitor does not need to use the plating aluminium film capacitor paper burn, so itself almost no inductance, but also limits the capacity of the it. Work tantalum capacitor has a very high electric field strength, and was much bigger than any type capacitor, to ensure its miniaturization. Can also be very convenient to obtain larger capacitance, such as power supply filter, ac bypass USES few competitors. More wonderful reading: monolithic capacitors have is negative monolithic capacitor how to see the difference between numerical monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors monolithic capacitor fault judgment
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