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Mica capacitor is what

by:SMiLer     2021-03-06
In the middle of the two point of the metal clip into the non-conductive dielectric, a layer of a layer, or winding up. When a port to join positively charged conductor and the conductor at the other end with a negative charge, because of the positive and negative charges attract each other, on both ends of the conductor can store a certain amount of charge. We call such a device a capacitor. Mica capacitor is the foil or on the mica sheet spraying layer of silver electrode plates, plates and mica composite layer upon layer, and finally die casting in bakelite powder or cementing in the epoxy resin made of the way. Mica capacitor is mainly used in precision instruments and equipment, modern communication instrument equipment and household radio, borne power amplifier, televisions, etc. But mica capacitor has defects, large size, small capacity is its biggest flaw. Mica capacitor as a form of capacitor, its shape is square block, because it has adopted the natural mica as medium of interelectrode capacitance, resistance to high pressure high performance good, small dielectric loss, insulation resistance, temperature coefficient of small, very suitable for high frequency circuit. Mica capacitor is what mica capacitor, according to the structure points are sealed ceramic shell, iron shell sealing, pressure of bakelite powder. According to the purpose, with the electrical measuring standard mica capacitor, standard capacitance box, with high power transmitter and radar mica capacitor. According to the voltage, low pressure and high pressure. By size, has small nails so small, also have a few catties. According to the pole piece, mica were silver, don't be silver. According to the temperature coefficient, is divided into four groups A, B, C, D, here A brief introduction, the so-called temperature coefficient, roughly speaking is capacity and subject to change with temperature. Temperature coefficient is not regulation, group A group D minimum temperature coefficient, the highest requirements, quality is the best. Such as common shell is pressure of bakelite powder on the radio, don't be silver or silver mica capacitor group A or group B. Mica capacitor is mainly from natural white mica as a medium, so the capacity is stable, small loss at high frequency, error can reach + / - 1% but the average error is plus or minus 5%, plus or minus 10%, plus or minus 20%. Can pressure from hundred volts to several kilovolts, even tens of thousands of volts, capacity from a few slight method for tens of thousands of tiny method. Resistant to moisture in relative humidity of 80% to 98%, the negative temperature 60 ℃ under the working temperature is 70 ℃, not due to damp and the influence of high and low temperature and make the capacity to change, so the capacity is stable. Mica capacitor with the radio, for example, there are two kinds of structure, one kind is with aluminum foil ( Or foil) And mica sheet layers. Another is on the mica sheet is for silver, and then folded layers, two head clip wire clamp, pressed into the bakelite powder. Silver is more stable than the capacity of the aluminum foil, and the temperature coefficient is small, but the shape is the same. Because of mica capacitor capacity stability, very low loss at high frequency, mainly used in the radio in the high frequency part, such as oscillation grid capacitor of frequency converter, with mica capacitor. In order to prevent leakage or capacity is not stable, keep the radio muffled sound or silent, especially short-wave, are more likely to be silent. In addition, the radio, the detection level of high-frequency bypass capacitor, and bypass capacitor voltage amplifier tube, most use mica capacitor, to ensure the quality of the radio. When the choice, pay attention to the capacitor leads not to loose. Mica capacitor has a capacity of logo, and other capacitor is different, there are generally two kinds, one kind is on the pressure of bakelite powder mold, good inscription pressure, to indicate the capacity and pressure size, the other is a bakelite powder printing on the shell. Actually can also be expressed in color, three color two, six colors and not described.
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