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Mica capacitor characteristics and introduction

by:SMiLer     2021-03-07
Mica capacitor is one of the condenser, and its shape for the cubes, mica capacitor using natural mica as medium of capacitor electrode, so its compression performance is quite good. But the mica capacitor due to the effect of medium material capacity is too big, can't do the general capacity in pf - 10000 10 pf, and the cost is higher than other capacitance, etc. , now rarely used. The structure and characteristics of mica capacitor for mica plate, mica capacitor medium electrode foil type and metal film. Previous mica capacitor is made up of metal foil or spray on the surface of the mica sheet of silver electrode, again after the capacity of the laminated them as required by diffuse stains compression within the bakelite shell. At present mostly in mica medium of coating a layer of silver electrode, fold and core structure is installed, and then into the shell encapsulation, constitute capacitor. Shell has TaoJia shell, metal shell and plastic shell, commonly used for the plastic shell. Mica capacitor has the following characteristics: (1) the capacity range is not wide, is in commonly 10 - Between 51000 pf. (2) high stability, high reliability and high precision capacitor can also be made. (3) the inherent inductance is small, not easy ageing, stable frequency characteristic, is one of the excellent performance of high frequency capacitor (4) high insulation resistance, general is 1000 - 7500MΩ。 (5) good temperature characteristic, using the environment temperature is in commonly - Within 55 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃. Those small dielectric loss, the loss tangent value is commonly ( 5 - 30) x 10 - 4. All landowners prices more expensive, in recent years has been replaced with the ceramic capacitor and organic film capacitor. Mica capacitor applies to requiring higher stability and reliability and the high frequency high voltage electrical equipment. The purpose of the mica capacitor mica capacitor is suitable for the frequency 50 hz ( 60Hz) The ac power supply and safety of single-phase motor starting and operation of the high performance requirements. Because of mica with high electrical insulation, good transparency, excellent can peel resistance, high chemical stability, good reducibility, and in high temperature conditions can keep the excellent physical and chemical properties, and it mainly as a kind of very important insulating materials are widely used in electronics, machinery, telecommunications, electrical appliances, aviation, transportation, instrumentation, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other industries, and national defense and cutting-edge industries. The difference between the mica capacitor and a capacitor is mica capacitor foil and mica sheet as medium, cascade in the bakelite powder after casting. Because of mica material has excellent electrical performance and mechanical performance, the mica capacitor self inductance and leakage loss are small and has a wide range of pressure, and high reliability, stable performance and capacity of the advantages of higher precision. Especially suitable for use in the high frequency oscillation circuit, high precision operation amplifier and filter circuit, etc.
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