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Measure the parasitic capacitance and parasitic inductance

by:SMiLer     2021-02-21
Capacitor and inductor are not ideal device. There will be a certain amount of a capacitor series inductance ( Called the parasitic inductance) 。 The conductors parasitic inductance by capacitor ( Especially the lead) Is generated. Old capacitor, such as the 1960 s before they begin using the stencil capacitor pieces, series inductance is very large. Is due to the inductance and capacitance in series, so form a series resonance circuit. Short for capacitors, capacitors, is one of the extensive use of electronic components in electronic equipment, widely used in every straight, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning, energy conversion circuit, control circuit, etc. Capacitance of parasitic inductance and parasitic resistance is mainly refers to its lead and plate forming resistance and inductance, especially the large capacity of capacitance is more apparent. If you the anatomy of the capacitor, will see its plate is made of crimped metal film and into a 1 meter long, the layer is like a circle of dozens or even hundreds of coil, so, produce the effect of capacity at the same time, between two plates also produces inductive effect and resistance effect. Because, the inductance and resistance is not manufacturing capacitance intention, but it is difficult to avoid the additional effect, it is called a parasitic capacitance and parasitic resistance. Once the capacitor is made, the parasitic capacitance and the size of the parasitic resistance is determined. Parasitic capacitance and parasitic inductance measurement is shown in figure 1 is a measuring series resonance frequency of the scheme. Track generator is a special kind of sweep signal generator, used to sweep frequency synchronization with spectrum analyzer. They are often used with a spectrum analyzer to realize signal source response method. Figure 1 measure the series inductance capacitor series resonance circuit in resonant frequency showed low impedance, and in other frequency showed high impedance. In figure 1, the capacitance in the end of the line. Spectrum analyzer will happen in the series capacitance and inductance of resonance frequency shows an obvious acute depression. Series inductance expression of inductors is not ideal device. Nearby winding constitutes the many small capacitance, and these small capacitance may add up to form a considerable capacitance value. Figure 2 as a way to measure the inductor shunt capacitance. As a result of the capacitance and inductance is parallel, they formed a parallel resonant circuit. The parallel resonant circuit impedance in the resonance frequency is very high, and in other frequency is very low. Figure 2 in the series of inductance and the shunt capacitance is with the signal lines, so at the resonant frequency will produce a significant depression. Shunt capacitance value expressions to measure the size of the inductor shunt capacitance in figure 2
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