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Main application fields of super capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-01-11
Super capacitor is the main application fields: 1, the super capacitor in the use of solar energy systems, the application of solar energy and sunlight utilization of solar energy utilization is ultimately comes down to two aspects. Solar photovoltaic and thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation is to use photovoltaic cells convert solar energy directly into electricity. Photovoltaic whether conversion efficiency, equipment cost and development prospect is still far stronger than the solar-thermal power generation. Since the advent of practical polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, and started the application of solar photovoltaic power generation in the world. Today, the development of solar photovoltaic power generation system has three directions: run independently, grid type and hybrid photovoltaic power generation system. In independent operation system, the energy storage unit is generally have to some, it can be made by the sunshine when the rest of the electrical energy stored up for the lack of sunlight or when no sunshine. At present, the international solar energy industry needs to start by remote rural and special applications development towards the direction of the grid-connected power generation combined with building power supply, solar energy power generation has been added to make the transition to alternative energy sources. Domestic photovoltaic energy system is mainly used in remote areas without electricity and city street lamp, lawn lamp, garden lamp, billboards, independent photovoltaic power generation systems. By battery energy storage system that can be pressed the sun light intensity fluctuation caused by power fluctuations, also can compensate the voltage sag or jump in the grid system, but due to the charge and discharge times limited, large current charge and discharge time is slow, so its service life is short, the cost is higher. Therefore, in the solar photovoltaic power generation system connected to the grid by using the super capacitor Banks will make more feasible. 2, super capacitor applied in wind power generation system analysis of the current fastest growing of wind power as a renewable energy power generation technology, has a broad application prospect. However, wind energy is a kind of random change, wind speed change will cause the wind turbine output power fluctuations, will affect the power quality of power grid. At present, wind power active power fluctuations more direct adjustment method of running status of wind turbine is used to smooth the output power, but the method of power regulation ability is limited; Reactive power fluctuation usually adopt parallel static reactive compensation device which can adjust the reactive power, reactive power compensation device but unable to restrain the active power fluctuations. Through additional energy storage equipment, can adjust reactive power, the bus voltage stability of wind farms, and can adjust the active power in a wider range. The wind power research shows that in 0. 01Hz- 1 hz fluctuation of power to the grid power quality, ease the spectrum of fluctuating wind power quality of power grids, the largest wind power fluctuations with shorter time to tame the frequency energy storage can achieve a goal, therefore can achieve a small capacity of energy storage in the short-term energy storage equipment for wind power generation high application value. Super capacitors because of its more than tens of thousands of times to charge and discharge cycle life, large current charge and discharge characteristics, can adapt to high current fluctuations in wind power, it can be sunny in the daytime or wind energy absorption under the condition of strong, or weak wind discharge at night, so that they can ironing wind power fluctuations, to achieve more effective interconnection. 3, super capacitor in the development of new energy vehicles opportunity in the field of new energy vehicles, super capacitor can be used with secondary batteries, battery energy storage and protection function. Usually used with lithium ion battery, super capacitor which combine to form the stable performance, energy conservation and environmental protection of power car power supply, can be used in hybrid vehicles and all-electric cars. Lithium ion battery is to solve the car battery energy storage and provide lasting power problem for car, super capacitor's mission is to provide high power auxiliary power, when the car start, acceleration in automobile braking or idle run time collect and store energy. Super capacitor is automobile deceleration, downhill, can rapid recovery and stored energy when braking, the car at runtime to produce extra irregular power security into the battery charging energy, protect the safety and stable operation of the battery; When start or speed up, the first battery energy transfer into the super capacitor, super capacitor can provide the needed in a short time the peak energy.
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