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Low voltage capacitor common faults _ low-voltage capacitor installation considerations

by:SMiLer     2022-01-07
Low voltage capacitor is usually refers to the rated voltage between 400 v ~ 6 kv power capacitor. Low voltage capacitor role is to improve the power factor and reduce the cost of electricity, and can reduce load of the equipment, increase its service life, reduce the line loss between the power supply end to the end. Common failure 1, early sexual failure: low voltage capacitor capacitor have potential defects, in the early of power supply in case of abnormal situation, namely accelerated degradation cause of failure. 2, accidental failure: when installation, wiring weak or damaged by outside force. 3, overload use cause the failure: ( 1) Poor ventilation installation location, the surrounding temperature is too high. ( 2) Overvoltage operation: use voltage power supply voltage fluctuation, harmonic voltage, serial reactor after the fundamental wave pressure increase, more than the highest allowable overvoltage limit. ( 3) Over current operation: the charging current of capacitor contains a harmonic condition, the effective value of the current shall not be greater than the allowable value of overcurrent. ( 4) Used in the automatic power factor adjustment plate ( APFR) Of capacitor, because along with the change of load, with frequent input and jump, it into an instant surge current if not suppressed, easy to cause the capacitor failure and damage of the contactor contacts. 4, aging failure: capacitor used over the years, because of the intensity of insulation aging, and internal factors, such as free due to the decrease of strength of electrical insulation and cause damage. Low voltage capacitor installation considerations, centralized device in substation high-voltage circuit ( High voltage bus) Equipment of setting method, this method costs less, easy to install, but the effect is not effective, such as device in low voltage side and only the lateral part of effective location for the device. Second, the device in low voltage side, and load appliances for the more beautiful, and each load are all parallel power capacitor is the most ideal of appropriate capacity, according to this method make the high and low voltage lines, transformers, etc all can reduce power loss in power system, the device can produce plenty of right amount, but if use this method, install equipment is relatively expensive. Three, device in low power factor of load and high voltage motor, equipped with individual power capacitor in an appropriate capacity, is integrated with other load to add in the high voltage circuit of power capacitor, to improve the power factor, and the way of using the above two. Four, set the fuse link capacity ( High pressure) Should choose capacitor rated current of 1. 65-2. 5 times. When two or more collocation, distance should be kept more than 8 cm, for heat dissipation. Five, parallel, avoid the use of copper wiring ( High voltage capacitors and low-pressure house exterior capacitor) 。 Should be not less than six, wiring and switch equipment capacity capacitor rated current of 1. 35 times. Seven, need to cut off the power supply when maintenance work ( High pressure) 5 minutes, Low pressure) 3 minutes, and make sure no residual voltage, before implementation. Eight, other considerations should read capacitor test on the back of the card.
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