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Knowledge of power quality

by:SMiLer     2021-01-24
1 power quality knowledge. The power quality of power supply enterprise has what? Power quality refers to the voltage, frequency and power supply can be * rate. 2 what are the components, power quality? Power quality refers to the quality of voltage, frequency and waveform. 3, what are the measures to improve the voltage quality? ( 1) Improve the electricity power factor, the balance of reactive power on the spot. ( 2) Choose the power supply radius. ( 3) The selection of power supply circuit conductor cross section. ( 4) Reasonable configuration change, power distribution equipment, to prevent the overload operation. ( 5) Proper selection pressure regulating measures, such as series compensation installation of on-load voltage regulating device, transformer, installed at the same time the camera or electrostatic capacitor, etc. 4, power supply voltage exceed the allowable deviation reason have? ( 1) Power supply is more than reasonable power supply radius. ( 2) Incorrect power supply wire section, voltage loss is too big. ( 3) The line overload operation. ( 4) Low electricity power factor, reactive current is big, increased the voltage loss. ( 5) The influence of impact load and asymmetry load. ( 6) Lack or improper use of regulating measures, such as transformer separately improper placement, etc. ( 7) Power unit is equipped with electrostatic not adopt automatic compensation capacitor compensation power factor. All in all, more than reactive power, lack of status are the important factors influencing the power supply voltage deviation.
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