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Hv capacitor discharge coil

by:SMiLer     2021-01-30
Capacitor set is discharging coil principle, discharging coil, English name: discharge coil, is the commonly used discharge capacitance ark components. Discharging coil of wire end is connected in parallel capacitor group two qualification side, bear the voltage of capacitor Banks, normal runtime second primary winding reflect a variable ratio, accuracy is usually 50 va / 0. Level 5, 1. 1 times the rated voltage under long-term operation. Second primary winding is generally take into open delta or phase voltage differential, which provide protection (internal fault of capacitor Banks Can't use the PT) on the bus 。 Second, the capacitor Banks open delta voltage protection, voltage imbalance protection actually is such protection. While such protection according to GB - To use in 50227, a large number of 6 kv ~ 66 kv single Y connection of capacitor group. Three, sometimes use discharge PT instead of discharging coil, the capacitor discharge using discharge coil still basically see the capacity of capacitor voltage transformer, generally small capacity ( '1. 7Mvar) Discharge of capacitor set with voltage transformer, high-capacity capacitor group ( ≥1. 7Mvar) Sure to use discharge coil, otherwise it will cause a voltage transformer of burned or explosion. Capacitor Banks role capacitor discharge coil is reactive power compensation system. Reactive power is a more abstract concept, if there is no power base, it is difficult to understand. Let's compare capacitance to a reservoir near the river, power system, compared to a river. The role of the reservoir is the equilibrium river altogether and mutagenicity in river water level, in order to satisfy the drinking water on both sides of the river, adjust the regional water balance, the rivers carry benefits and so on. Similarly, capacitance is also a balance of power system reactive power balance, to stabilize the voltage quality, meet the needs of the end user. Put some coil has two function, normal operation, the monitoring of three phase voltage balance, are produced in a open delta voltage imbalance, the input voltage relay, and then choose by protection tripping or an alarm. Cut capacitor, the voltage of the capacitor voltage within five minutes to below 50 v, for the safety of the maintenance staff.
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