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How to identify capacitance of the sign of tube?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-28
Several methods of capacitor has a capacity of identity: 1, the direct identification: above electrolytic capacitor, capacity of 47 uf, capacitance pressure 25 v. 2, unit using the nf: polyester capacitor as shown above, nominal 4 n7, namely 4. Converting 7 nf, pf is the 4700 pf. There are such as: 10 n, namely zero. 01佛罗里达大学; 33 n, namely zero. 033uf。 At the back of the 63 refers to the capacitor voltage 63 v. 3, mathematical notation: above ceramic dielectric capacitors, values, 104 capacity: 10 x10000pf = 0. 1uf. If the values 473, namely of 47 x1000pf = 0. 047uf。 ( At the back of the 4, 3, say how many power of 10) 。 Such as: 332 = 33 x100pf = 3300 pf. The use of capacitance, should be in the specified work under pressure. Now many of the quality of products, because use the pressure caused by insufficient capacitance failure ( Common capacitance burst) 。 In the electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and aluminum capacitor difference and advantage are? As electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor is better than aluminum capacitor? Low tantalum capacitor is also belong to the category of electrolytic capacitor tantalum electrolytic capacitor size is small, use the patch installation, the general use resin encapsulation shell, but its capacity is small, many models of capacity and voltage can be close to the traditional vertical aluminium electrolytic capacitor. But note that the tantalum capacitor is tantalum anode, cathode and electrolyte, so the tantalum capacitor also belong to a lot of people looked down on by the electrolytic capacitor, the key is electrolytic capacitor this classification is too big! The tantalum capacitor dielectric is generated after the anodic oxidation of tantalum pentoxide, its dielectric ability ( ε ) 3 oxidation 2 aluminium medium is higher than aluminum capacitor. So in the case of the same capacity, the volume of tantalum capacitor can be made smaller than aluminum capacitor. Combined with the properties of tantalum is stable, so generally think of tantalum capacitor performance is better than aluminum capacitor. Low polymer tantalum capacitor has more perfect than polymer aluminum capacitor electric performance: usually measure the performance of capacitor, we all know that the large capacity, high pressure resistance, low ESR ( The equivalent series resistance) This a few parameters, in fact there are some little-known key parameters, had a great influence for the stability of capacitance. Low leakage current: cathode is same polymer ( PEDT PPY, etc. ) Polymer tantalum capacitor leakage current of only a fraction of the polymer aluminum capacitor, with famous sanyo OSCON SVP products as an example, its 4 v 33 uf svp33m leakage current (4 LC) With specifications for the 66 ua tantalum polymer capacitors are generally only about 12 ua, this representative graphics if with polymer tantalum capacitor filter will be more clean, caused by leakage current pulse will be small. Loss Angle is small, still take 4 svp33m for example, the loss Angle is zero. 15, and the same specification of tantalum polymer capacitors DF ( Loss Angle) Is 0. The euro. 0. 15 and 0. The difference between 8 0. 10 and 0. 12 two orders of magnitude, small loss Angle said capacitance fever will be much smaller, to improve the life of the capacitor and increase the stability of graphics. Low tantalum capacitor has better physical properties than aluminum capacitor: in addition to better electrical performance and stability, tantalum capacitor excellent physical properties, Small size, relatively large capacity) Makes it more vast than aluminum capacitor, applicable mainly displays in: high-end graphics CARDS/CPU power supply module integration is very high, may not be able to install more upright aluminum capacitor; Motherboard/PCB could not be installed on the back of the display card upright aluminum capacitor; When the video card/need to install the heavy CPU radiator, chimney upright aluminum capacitor is clearly not. In recent years because of this, many high-end graphics and high-end motherboard began using tantalum capacitor as the filter capacitor of the power supply module ( Most of the tantalum capacitor + aluminum capacitor combination) , but just because of various reasons, Design, cost, purchasing, etc. ) We can't easily use.
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