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How safety capacitance selection?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-27
Safety capacitance is one of the capacitor is familiar to us, we often see in the switching power supply. Many novice in bloom just don't know how to choose the safety of capacitance model, this article by the small make up to you to talk about the problem of selection. You first to find regular safety capacitor manufacturer, to provide you with selection of books. If you don't know how to type, you can give a relevant information and technical personnel, advise safety capacitance type, or apply to the factory take the sample test again, to find a suitable safety capacitance. Safety capacitance safety capacitance parameter selection is commonly used in power supply circuit, realize the bypass, decoupling, filter and energy storage. Select safety capacitance parameters is very important thing, choose suitable safety capacitance decided the key to the service life and performance. If the selection of capacitance is not in conformity with the actual requirements, is likely to cause serious problems. This article will tell you about how to choose the safety capacitance parameters. First of all is to take into account the nominal capacitance ( CR) : mark the capacitance value of capacitor products. Mica and ceramic capacitor of low capacitance ( About 5000 pf the following) ; Some paper, plastic and ceramic dielectric capacitance center (in the form of About 0005 mu F10 u F) ; Usually electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of larger. The rated voltage is also one of the important parameters can not be ignored. In the lower limit of category and rated temperature between any of the temperature, can apply for the biggest dc voltage on the capacitor or the effective value of ac voltage or pulse voltage peak. Capacitor used in high-pressure situations, must pay attention to the influence of corona. Corona is due to the gap exists between the dielectric/electrode layer, it besides spurious signals can result in damage to equipment, it can also cause a capacitor dielectric breakdown. Under the condition of communication or pulse, corona particularly prone to occur. For all of the capacitor, in use should ensure that the sum of dc voltage and ac peak voltage does not exceed the dc voltage rating. In addition, want to consider the demand of the temperature, temperature range to choose according to category. Capacitor design determine can continuous working temperature range, the temperature limit range depends on its corresponding categories, such as ceiling type rated temperature (temperature, the temperature of the lower classes, Can apply continuous rated voltage of the maximum temperature) And so on. Safety lectotype attention focused on safety capacitors have a low pressure failure is the most typical failure mechanism. In terms of safety, like the margin a bit bigger to stay, so even if a little defect, design device will not failure. To do so would be wrong. Reason so please see the following analysis safety capacitance selection pressure index is absolutely can't spare too large, it is easy to appear when selection a key point of the problem. Switching power supply safety capacitance selection we know safety switch power supply has a protection circuit. So how selection switch power supply safety capacitor, safety capacitance is a small electronic components. It has two long legs, when we are in the test voltage, through the lead foot the proper battery charge into the small switch power supply safety capacitance ontology. And it has a protection circuit in the switch power mission. So small make up under its common selection method is described below.
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